32 Minute Home Cardio Workout with No Equipment – Calorie Blasting Cardio Training

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We use PowerBlock’s adjustable dumbbells, find them @: http://bit.ly/yDWK7V

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Tom C says:

Awesome workout, great instruction.

Mariam says:

Oh Kelly!! Why can’t I have a body like yours? You look fab!!! Been
following this channel for about 2 months but still have all that unwanted
fat 🙁 but seriously girl, I would die to have a body like yours!!!!!!!!!

Amy J says:

I miss the white background (glad to hear it’s coming back), but I think
this light and airy room would be great for your yoga and stretching

En N says:

Kelly is looking amazing; the background makes that fact stand out even
I had a knee injury recently but I’m hoping to get back into my regular
fitness routine with Fitness Blender once it’s healed. Always glad to see
more videos from you guys.
I like the background a lot, but I’m okay with the usual white screen as

Siti Nursufiani says:


Isa Solís says:

Te reto a que lo hagas a ti que te gusta ejercitarte o el deporte

PaperChaser says:

Only made it to 16:07

Rema Sa says:

I really like your body for a woman. It’s not too muscular but it’s obvious
your fit. (This is my preference, I would like to look like this) 

State of Dreaming says:

I literally have no indurance. I’ve never sweated this much in my whole
life. Damn.

Imbra Kim says:


Kasandra A. says:

Just to let viewers know (whoever actually cares enough to read it lol) I’d
like to share and say I’ve been doing this exact workout for at least three
days out of the week for two months or more now and then after before the
cool down I go to a butt or ab quick 10 minute video of my choosing then
after I finish off with a cool down and I have seen a crazy outcome my body
is looking so nice and without a gym! I eat kind of whatever I want though
but I’m sure with a better meal plan it would be better. 

sassarific says:

Soo I was by no means prepared for that but I survived. I pooped out three
times but kept going. I will be trying this again until I can get all the
way through without stopping. You’re a beast but a pretty one & gentle one
ma’am! Thanks so much for y’all’s workouts!! They always deceive me like
they’ll be easy but I appreciate it :)

Karn Malhi says:

Hard to concentrate if you know what I mean

Diana Cervantes says:

When you try to do the side hip raises but your hips are too wide and you
have shorts arms… ;-;

Eobard Thawne says:

The “Calorie burn + info” link is broken. Says page is not found

entoblast says:

When I do squats, I only feel it in my thighs. Ive looked up how to do a
proper squat, and I get mixed information on that. Is it okay that im not
feeling it in my butt?


can guys do this??

ReineAfricaine says:

Hello guys! I have a question. I always do Kelli’s videos since I am a
woman. Could I do Daniel’s videos as well? Myinitial tought is that they
may be to difficult for me.

KFM Brands says:

Give this cardio blast workout a try! http://youtu.be/qWy_aOlB45Y

Shaza Elamin says:

i think this will really help me with exercising more often… i will start
using this more often now. i am really glad i found new techniques for

Veronica Rae Saron says:

Wow! A peer into your guys’ house!?

fallenforthemelody says:

has anyone gotten good results from this? today is my first day so just
wondering if i should stick with it. and also, will i lose fat with this?
my goal is to drop pound not gain muscle

mokulen Chan says:

I am just getting back into shape after a majour surgery. This was very
motivating..and not overly intimating. Thank you so much for posting. 

Lauren Siegert says:

Oh, man. I went into workout with every muscle group sore after several
days of brutal HIIT+cardio routines. I thought this could almost be a
lower-impact recovery round, but boy was I wrong. I’m sweating like crazy
and had a pretty tough time with the jump squats at the end. This IS a good
one, but make sure you’re recovered.

Dalphene says:

I found this surprisingly easy, even with the more difficult
modifications.. Loved the workout tho! Are there any videos FitnessBlender
there are more challenging? 🙂 thanks!

azlifah95 says:

Workout complete and I’m feeling accomplished. I’ve been working out to you
guys for about a year plus now. A difference that I see is that my calves
are getting bigger and not leaner. What main exercises does it result from
and what exercise can I do for leaner calves and thighs? Thank you!

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