Deloitte Assessment Centre

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Deloitte Assessment Centre is the final job test assessments at Deloitte. The assessment day is a modelled working day at Deloitte premises to test your employment skills. Prepare for your Deloitte assessment centre with Green Turn to secure permanent job with Deloitte.

Green Turn has developed training courses, aided by expert former Big Four employees, designed towards helping you secure your dream job.

The Green Turn preparation pack includes: 24/7 access to our online simulation programmes, Mock exam questions on Deloitte Etray Exercise, Deloitte Role Play Exercise, Deloitte AC Numerical Reasoning test and Deloitte AC Verbal Reasoning test in ebook format to practice offline, sample question and answers packs and instructions on Deloitte’s specific marking scheme.

Green Turn also offers two premium upgrade options to the basic pack. The first option allows you to train directly with our qualified experts from the comfort of your own home. This can be done over the phone or through Skype. For the ultimate training experience, purchase the second upgrade and you can arrange to meet with our experts in various major UK cities. These face-to-face sessions are the perfect way to make sure that you’re fully confident and prepared. Both options are flexible depending on your circumstances.

Whatever your reasons for seeking Big Four employment, rest assured that we will take you there! We have an outstanding pass rate of 95% and over 6 years relevant coaching experience.

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chiropractorpenfield says:

I’m on the aptitude test now but I’m coming back to recommend this
package. There’s a lot to get your head around, but it’s well-presented and
the learning curve isn’t too steep. Some really useful information and

Robertoo Fernandez says:

I should have watched this before taking the test

mynameisericaflame says:

I bought this pack and have no complaints. More detailed and comprehensive
than most of the others around and the personal coaching is a nice touch.

John Harrison says:

very reasonably priced

MCFullNelson5G says:

Well paced. The learning curve was just right for me.

XeJoY says:

easily the best around at this price. highly recommended.

MigueeJimez says:

the one on one coaching is superb and really makes all the difference.
thanks guys!

cacacacac cacaca says:

a lot of options and flexibility. good for those of us on a tight schedule

Crona noce says:

very good indeed. pricing’s very reasonable too.

TheStalker2313 says:

gave me a helping hand! not sure I would have passed without it. tutors
are nice.

Wilhelm Hedfalk says:

gives a good overview of the process

nonabover says:

Good depth and quality of content for the price you pay. Better than the
generic alternatives out there in my opinion.

Lord Jesus says:

already recommended this to a friend. the upgrade options are great!

Melissa Hickey says:

the coaching can be intense but its much better than not having your
details right before the test

tat mor says:

impressed all round. got nothing bad to say about this

XTCream Clan says:

effective training material. the online simulations work well

Dany Thomson says:

would definitely recommend these green turn packs to other graduates

Michael Anderson says:

Informative video. Good overview. Will consider purchasing.

Raju Kumar says:

Clear and easy to understand. Learned some very useful things about
Deloitte marking criteria from this one.

darilian el says:

I wasn’t sure how good this was going to be, since I bought a cheap prep
test on the internet a while ago and it was almost useless. This is a lot
better though, it’s helping me out a lot.

Xavi Don says:

very pleased with all the contents of this pack and I would HIGHLY
recommend getting at least one of the upgrades

SuperFranan says:

good video, it outlines the process pretty well

changoboy1980 says:

phone upgrade is worth having. I was able to take coaching in the evening
so I could fit it in around work etc

Mira Funk says:

good video, very informative, thanks

John Semmenson says:

I tried a few generic prep tests elsewhere on the web but they weren’t
that useful. The specific info and personal coaching is what makes this one
worth doing

chiropractorpenfield says:

fantastic!! wasn’t expecting it to be as good as this

Johnatan Strat says:

best site like it on the web! the standard of tuition is great. upgrades
are well worth it

WLSOfficial says:

impressed with the level of service and the pack contents. thumbs up from

Melissa Hickey says:

good resource. easy to understand and my application got accepted

wer isda says:

The level of flexibility is great and it’s nice getting a proper response
when you make a query. Thanks guys!’

FanDeEdu says:

a friend showed me this, I bought last week and its well worth it imo

Mazal Amrani says:

The phone upgrade is fantastic. So convenient.

raul camara says:

WAY better than the basic, generic tests you usually find on the internet

Randall Haynes says:

the skype upgrade really made this pack worthwhile for me. the rest of the
material is good too, but direct coaching takes it to another level.

Jose Maria says:

decent material and price

haeusebio says:

a useful list of all the stages. can get a bit confusing.

tat mor says:

picked up a lot from this. Deloitte unfortunately don’t give much away
about their competencies apart from the basic outline

DYJDrumAndBass says:

serves its purpose adequately

JRSEOFuneralHomes says:

definitely made me more confident in my application

Joanne Guerrero says:

question and answer pack is good. You get a lot of material to practice so
id say its worth the price

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