Ernst and Young Group Exercise: EY Assessment Centre Preparation

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Ernst and Young Group Exercise is the final job test assessments at EY. The assessment centre group exercise is role play team work task at EY premises to test your team member, team leadership and commercial awareness skills. Prepare for your EY assessment centre with Green Turn to secure permanent job with EY.

Green Turn has developed training courses, aided by expert former Big Four employees, designed towards helping you secure your dream job.

The Green Turn preparation pack includes: 24/7 access to our online simulation programmes, Mock exam questions on EY Group Exercise and EY Role Play Exercise in ebook format to practice offline, sample question and answers packs and instructions on EY’s specific marking scheme.

Green Turn also offers two premium upgrade options to the basic pack. The first option allows you to train directly with our qualified experts from the comfort of your own home. This can be done over the phone or through Skype. For the ultimate training experience, purchase the second upgrade and you can arrange to meet with our experts in various major UK cities. These face-to-face sessions are the perfect way to make sure that you’re fully confident and prepared. Both options are flexible depending on your circumstances.

Whatever your reasons for seeking Big Four employment, rest assured that we will take you there! We have an outstanding pass rate of 95% and over 6 years relevant coaching experience.

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THEACE121212 says:

Very pleased good preparation pack.

JoseCoDzz says:

Variety of packs available and great options. Cheers.

Michael Govnoric says:

Excellent advice and tests are planned well.

perso kanard says:

It was comfortable and easy to grasp information.

perso kanard says:

Presented the assessment layout fair enough love the reporting features.

PremPoints says:

Just the right learning material’s for me excellent.

Jose Morales says:

Query standards good. well trained staff.

Breban Vlad says:

Course pack brilliant with tests and practise sessions. Really helpful.

Cheater Sensation says:

Promising Pass rate. I will get advice on this pack soon.

Claire Cotton says:

Useful team and Thanks for good customer service.

Marko Markovic says:

EY tests packs helped me get a job last month. Thanks thumps up to the team.

runescape nightmare says:

Experienced coaching team at Green Turn gave me confidence. This group
exercise prep pack is best value for money.

csmoke112 says:

One to one coaching seems beneficial. More chances of clear discussion.

larry newton says:

Got training when convenient for me. pleased with the flexibility .

RubensS says:

Recommended to friends price of the pack fairly good.

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Tony Hill says:

Option available that suits you. Definitely worth the price for me.

Master Moe says:

Pass rate looks promising.

Askfm Newhack says:

I have learned from the programme pack highly recommended.Worth the time
and money.

allan carden says:

Great. Thanks to the tutors I got what I paid for.

johan karlsson says:

Website guidance pretty much self-clearance and the team member’s
co-operation are much helpful. Wantjob13

Ugal Brador says:

learning curves are interesting and challenging.

diogo play says:

Definitely recommend this anyone looking to upgrade for job.

Angela Campos says:

Recommended good material provided.

TheG4m3rHD says:

Vast level of flexibility and brilliant service.

Brian Rodriguez says:

This is what I was looking for Well-presented video.

Damon Stanley says:

Guide looks promising learning tool useful.

Clubdavelharia says:

Great adaptability and flexibility study mode.

Omar Simpson says:

Appropriate helpful team I am satisfied. I recommend Green Turn credibility.

Dylan Riff says:

Useful criteria of options for seeking employment. Thumbs up.

Alexander Landers says:

Variety of optional choice of pack for individual’s suitability.

Henry Lee says:

Good price not bad.


decent pass rate. given me confidence in buying the pack.

ExceedHD says:

Flexible Optional session Price pack seemed pretty reasonable to buy.

Krazye Loko Studios says:

Confident 100% in preparing job application.

Dominik Classen says:

E-book guidance provides decent directions.

Matheus Oliveira says:

Impressed with the quality of service provided by the team.

PicaretaFrames says:

Easy to understand course materials. I think I want to secure a job. Will
buy this pack.

Lloyd Coombs says:

fantastic!! wasn’t expecting it to be as good as this

Fatal1ty498 says:

sensible price and course material.

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Customer service well-mannered and organised.

Артем Михеев says:

Cheers to the team for helping me complete the pack.

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