Housing Bubble Pop and Stock Market Crash Coming 2015 – 2017

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Radio host and economist, that predicted the 2008 financial crisis and housing crash, Harry Dent discuss the next financial crisis, a crash coming in 2015 – 2016? Will the next crash lower home prices and stock values?

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Michael McWilliams says:

Real fun at the homeless shelter. It’s gotten so bad that you no longer
carry a backpack, apply for jobs, speak to anyone, or have any fun. You
just Eat, Drink, Go Poo, Freeze your butt off outside (aging rapidly), then
Sleep. Repeat process. On a side note you should see just how little food
is actually being served now! You might be better off going for broke and
try to pull off a bank heist. But I came up with a new fun thing to do, you
sit on the ground and throw rocks at a post or something.

Mikus Musik says:

sun cycles lol – thats the reason for economic cycles. what a load of *____*

Aslane-h Deiv says:

This all sounds good but to say that Middle Eastern nations are “young”
compared to USA is insane. Middle East is thousands of years old while US
is 200 years old. All the most recent wars were initiated by Europe or USA.
It puts a big dent in the credibility and sanity of the otherwise good
sounding arguments.

Todd Lavigne says:

What are still don’t understand….how come people are still buying and are
approved for an ever increasing
real estate market..there seems to be no limit as to how much a house can
sell for. Generally if you have no chance
of making payment the banks won’t approve you (excluding the sub-prime
market scam). People must be making
good money overall for the housing market to keep increasing. 

TheCarin12 says:

So Alex is saying that immigrants are taking all the jobs. Alex is also
saying that immigrants don’t work and are just sponging off the welfare
system. Seems to me he doesn’t think much of immigrants at all. I know one
thing for sure, Alex’s ancestors arrived dirt poor, disease ridden on the
shores of America looking for a better life – much the same as the
immigrants that he disparages. 

02IS300MD says:

Wtf get a life man with your vitality crap 

Ianacek says:

Or how about the Harry Dent who published in 2006 “The next great bubble
boom: How to profit from the greatest boom in history 2006-2010” . The only
thing Harry Dent does really well is sell books .

alnot01 says:

House prices on the west coast and northeastern USA have outstripped
household income once more, and are ripe for another crash. The taxpayer is
on the hook for the FHA insured mortgages issued with as little as 3.5%
down. This house price crash will depress household confidence and hence
The stock market is worth at least 160% of GDP. This value should not
exceed 120%. So we are headed for the third stock market crash this century
thus far. I think we will all survive this crash. But I see USA business as
more and more focused on profits, and a growing fraction of Americans
having difficulty finding decent jobs.

El Okim says:

for the exception that real estate is income producing. it is a huge plus
if it goes down 🙂 if you bought in 2008 you would have doubled or tripled
priced that you paid plus had rental income that in some instances would
have quadrupled your profits 

RawpowerGroudon says:

Jews are behind the creation of money, which explains why a majority of
non-Jews are in poverty. 

jsssm says:

I predict a stock market crash somewhere in 2015-2033

Rob Forza says:

I bought his book 10 years back………….. and personally lost
thousands following his advice. Ever since then all I have noticed from
him is prediction then revision, prediction then revision, prediction then
revision. I guess I missed all these wonderful times he was supposedly

RantzBizGroup says:

Dent keeps changing the drop dead date… either call it and stick with it,
or admit that the demographic model is void. I could flip a coin and be as
accurate as he’s been since 2000.

Calvin Do says:

hahaha having Harry Dent on your show speaks volume. The guy is an idiot!!!
Wiki his predictions lmao!

Jason Carter says:

Harry Dent was fairly dogmatic about the crash starting in 2013. He’s
likely correct but not good at timing. I wish Alex would put on Martin
Armstrong who’s confidence interval peaks in 2015 with a decline into 2016
and another decline into 2020.

cooldog60 says:

Housing bubble pop. I have news for you he housing bubble pop was in
2007.And it still has not recovered.

giuseppe3010 says:

what a hog wash— Sun spots and solar radiation affecting the stock market
in 10 yrs cycles!! hahahahah! by the way, you also believe in the

joe bobby says:

harry dent should be banned from youtube for being wrong again and again

Ressurrectio says:

Actually the bottom of the DOW shall be around 2190 late ’15 thru late
Winter ’16

Suurfside 16 says:

Doom & Gloom predictions in order to sell books. These guys are always

southcity34 says:

Cosmic rays alex? This guy would be a blast at a bomb fire telling spooky
stories.wait alex, let me get the marshmellows and coco before you start.

kingmike40 says:

One minute it is the demographics than it is the sun spots. What Ever

bornxmas says:

Every time Harry says bubble, take a shot.

Ianacek says:

Is this the same Harry Dent who predicted a Dow of 35,000 in his 1998 book
“The Roaring 2000’s: Building the wealth and lifestyle you desire in the
greatest boom in history”

Rob Forza says:

He made a ton of predictions and the great majority of them wrong. You
never hear that side. You just hear a few hits he had.

Michael Jackson says:

sell your house and live in a tent! stash your money under the tent.

Joe Cummings says:

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