Metallica – Master Of Puppets (1986 Full Album) 2016 Remaster for 30th Anniversary

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Fan remastered work, i decided to leave the closer to the original sound and keep the normal average dynamics for an accurate pleasant listening. Please use a good amp equipment to make it sound perfect. PLEASE turn the volume up on your PC, and you willl see it sounds perfect.
01. Battery
02. Master of Puppets
03. The Thing That Should Not Be
04. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
05. Disposable Heroes
06. Leper Messiah
07. Orion
08. Damage, Inc.
09. Battery (Live)
10. The Thing That Should Not Be (Live)


Unofficial Newsted says:


Shawn Collier says:

good work man.

TheJimger says:

It’s not the 30th anniversary tho…

AEKfootball says:

my friend could you do something similar for “and justice for all” plz?
with normal bass? thanks!!

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