OIL PRICE COLLAPSE of 2015 – Oil Price Could Drop to $10 & Cause the Next Big Collapse

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OIL PRICE COLLAPSE of 2015 – Oil Price Could Drop to $20 & Cause the Next Big Collapse

West Texas Intermediate, the U.S. oil benchmark, tumbled 69 percent from $31.82 a barrel in November 1985 to $9.75 in April 1986 when Saudi Arabia, tiring of cutting output to support prices, flooded the market. Prices didn’t claw back the losses until 1990. Oil has dropped 57 percent since June and OPEC members say they’re willing to let prices sink further.

Surging prices in the 1970s led to the development of the North Sea and Alaska oil fields. OPEC members also increased capacity, leaving the Saudis to trim output when demand softened. In space, no one can hear you scream… unless you happen to be Venezuela’s (soon to be former) leader Nicolas Maduro, who has been doing a lot of screaming this morning following news that UAE’s Energy Minister Suhail Al-Mazrouei said OPEC will stand by its decision not to cut crude output “even if oil prices fall as low as $40 a barrel” and will wait at least three months before considering an emergency meeting.

in junk bond hedge funds around the globe, and as millions of high-paying jobs created as a result of the shale miracle are pink slipped.

Russia’s ruble fell more than 6 percent against the U.S. dollar on Monday, dragged down by weaker oil prices in volatile holiday trade. “Some people say this decision was directed at the United States and shale oil. All of this is incorrect. Some also say it was directed at Iran and Russia. This also is incorrect,” he said.

Could rapidly falling oil prices trigger a nightmare scenario for the commodity derivatives market? The big Wall Street banks did not expect plunging home prices to cause a mortgage-backed securities implosion back in 2008, and their models did not anticipate a decline in the price of oil by more than 40 dollars in less than six months this time either. If the price of oil stays at this level or goes down even more, someone out there is going to have to absorb some absolutely massive losses. In some cases, the losses will be absorbed by oil producers, but many of the big players in the industry have already locked in high prices for their oil next year through derivatives contracts. The companies enter into these derivatives contracts for a couple of reasons. Number one, many lenders do not want to give them any money unless they can show that they have locked in a price for their oil that is higher than the cost of production. Secondly, derivatives contracts protect the profits of oil producers from dramatic swings in the marketplace. These dramatic swings rarely happen, but when they do they can be absolutely crippling. So the oil companies that have locked in high prices for their oil in 2015 and 2016 are feeling pretty good right about now. But who is on the other end of those contracts? In many cases, it is the big Wall Street banks, and if the price of oil does not rebound substantially they could be facing absolutely colossal losses. oil “oil price” “crude oil” trading collapse price economy book author future money cash debt dollar “u.s. dollar” prediction chart history historic energy “saudi arabia” petrol gasoline markets “trading platform” “harry dent” cheap gold silver forex “forex trading” 2015 2016 finance bank banking consumer sale “bank account” bubble “bear market” “interest rate” lending loan “savings account” job employment housing mortgage trends trending trendy borrow bonds “silver bullion” “wall street” “elite nwo agenda” great depression fema camp agenda 21 end game the road prepper prepare survival food goods bugout jsnip4 demcad g4t coast to coast am police state inflation rawdogletard jim rogers max keiser alex jones infowars bilderberg davos 2015 illuminati lindsey williams

Economist Martin Armstrong is predicting that rising resentment against the status quo as a result of economic inequality is likely to cause a serious political uprising before 2016.

“It looks more and more like a serious political uprising will erupt by 2016 once the economy turns down. That is the magic ingredient. Turn the economy down and you get civil unrest and revolution,” writes Armstrong.

In making the forecast, the economist cites the case of 90-year-old World War 2 veteran Arnold Abbott, who is being targeted by authorities in Fort Lauderdale for defying a newly passed city ordinance that criminalizes feeding the homeless, an example says Armstrong of how “laws in the USA have simply gone nuts.” The neoconservatives, a small group of warmongers strongly allied with the military/industrial complex and Israel, gave us Granada and the Contras affair in Nicaragua. President Reagan fired them, and they were prosecuted, but subsequently pardoned by Reagan’s successor, George H.W. Bush.


Nino Stark says:

Wait he said all debt will be forgotten.
Isn’t that in the bible in regards to the “end times”??

Elite NWO Agenda says:


Mountain Storm says:

I have mixed feelings…Saudi Arabia is behind Islamic Terror and clearly
involved in 9/11 so I see them as the enemy…but the Wall Street cunts
that crashed the economy are the ones behind the Fracking bubble and just
the way they poisoned the economy they are now poisoning the ecology…so
of course they are an even closer enemy. Is the enemy of my enemy my ally?
Or are there any allies left?

Brian M says:

greedy governments will prevent a 10$ barrel so don’t get your hopes up

jamespaul02 says:

Those in control are TRUELY EVIL! 

Ronald Ectoplasm says:

this thing stops just when it is getting interesting

John Boylan says:

Look, we are at war with Russia. Perhaps not physical, at least we are not
being told, or yet, but an economic proxy war via sanctions.
Russia is a big gas station. More oil and natural gas than many realize.
Due to the sanctions, Russia is attempting to sell their oil not using the
dollar. I mean, lets not kid ourselves. In 4 months, the price of
gasoline/petrol has dropped by HALF! I filled my tank for $1.69 per gal. in
Arlington TX yesterday. I remember that price… about 20 years ago!?!?!
Russia started offering oil for less. The west controlled OPECs dropped
price to compete. Russia goes lower, we go lower. So on and so forth.
As far as Islamic terrorism, its bullshit. Ive always thought it was
strange. There are many Islamic/Muslim countries in the ME. We dont hear
about extremists coming out of countries like Jordan, Turkey, Sinai,
Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and several of the “Stan” countries. The UAE.
ONLY nations who dont want to cooperate with the west! Which, Is still BS
because we know the quote-unquote “Terrorists” are funded, supplied and
trained by the US, UK, Saudi A and Israel.

Troy Hollenbeck says:

The only truth the world knows is a complete scam, including our corrupted
governments oficials. Of course the market will crash followed up with a
massive war.

SmithsCrhronicles says:

i have warned about this (over 70% of fracking industry will shutdown a few
weeks ago and american patriots laughed at me.

Crustyclown88 says:

I could care less about the fracking bubble. They just started that crap
recently anyhow,and it’s horrible for the environment.

alvin banks jr says:

The poor rich and greedy won’t have their rip-off welfare program. This
mess was Bush and Cheney/NWO debacle. After Bush second term and Katrina
the lies started to fleece the American people.

Meisha says:

Fracking is in itself an environmental catastrophe. It’s lose/lose
whichever way you look at it. 

ThePoleshift2012 says:

if it dropped to $1 a barrel it would still be 75p a liter in uk cuz that’s
how much tax vat levy the greedy taxuk government adds to fuel

Mabra Fule says:

Wow!! – 10 bucks a barrel?
wheres my 100 cui 1500 hp sixwheel drive SUV??? – Sound like paradise,
let’s burn that tar!!!

ftwr6s says:

Guy is a fucking idiot. Fracing is not dead. Don’t believe me ? Ask my
buddy that still putting in 110 hours a week. The frac crews still have to
chase the drilling rigs once they move, if all drilling stopped tomorrow,
Fracing will keep going until caught up. Then; companies will rework old
wells, with workover rigs and more Fracing dumb ass

Majeed Majeedi says:

Almost a month before OPEC meeting, Kala Marketing Co predicted that crude
oil will goes under $60 per barrel due to 4 top factors. And then predicted
it is going to less than $40 per barrel.
Read this article by clicking link below.

LoveNotLabels says:

What does he say at the end? Old people are deflationary and young people
do what? Did he say “Cock everything to raid”?

Deborah Hopson says:

One word…..SCHMITA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Wilmes says:

It is about to get crazy, i knew the low gas prices were too good to be

kressly1 says:

Sweet fanny adams mate your right. Fall arse over tit I’ll they threw a
spanner in the works to Chivvy along with meltdown.

joe biden says:

Thevwhole world has to stop having kids and the economy fine if theirs
cheap gas.

Michael Yardley says:

Alberta Canada has pipe line to USA and has enough oil to supply the USA
for decades from the Tar Sands so it is not all doom and gloom

Crustyclown88 says:

I don’t understand the dynamics of this. How is it that falling oil prices
hurts the average guy?

Michael Yardley says:

Mr Jones makes a living spreading doom and gloom

bla dee bla says:

if your poor…. no worries… you will stay that way….. if your rich….
go piss off.. once i have vegetable oil ill be happy… ON YOUR BIKE !!!

Elite NWO Agenda says:
Leon Reaper says:

if you go to war: We in the UK wont have anything to do with it, we dont
have the military anyway. USA are on there own. Our prime minister even
said he doesn’t want to be involved. It’s USA’s show now

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