TOP 10 Upcoming MMORPG 2015 – 2016 (Including Gameplays)

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[NEW LIST 15-16!] This is not your classic “Top MMO List” it’s time for some action..This video includes Gameplay Footage, New Trailers and of course Epic Music! All you have to do is chill back, in your chair, your sofa or even in your bed… put those headphones on, turn that volume way up and just simply enjoy the next 25 minutes of your day!

*Consider this video list as my personal opinion*

Honorable Mentions: Star Citizen, Camelot Unchained (I see really good words about this game but there is not enough gameplay footage yet!), Pathfinder Online, Warhammer 40k, Trials of Ascension, Destiny.

Fast Forward

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Official Game Links:

ArcheAge: [Release Date: Q4 2014]
Archlord 2: [Release Date: Q4 2014]
Black Desert: [Release Date:2015]
Blade & Soul: [Release Date (EU-US): 2015]
Bless Online: [Release Date: Q4 14 or 2015 (Not yet Published)]
EverQuest Next: [Release Date: Q4 2014]
Gloria Victis: [Release Date: Q4 2014]
Kingdom Under Fire 2: [Release Date: Q4 2014]
Skyforge: [Release Date: Q4 2014]
The War of Genesis 4: – [Release Date: 2015]

Music Artist: Pentakill . Album: Smite and Ignite
Song list

0:11 – 2:00 Lightbringer
2:00 – 5:57 Deathfire Grasp
5:58 – 9:30 Last Whisper
9:31 – 12:27 Orb of Winter
12:28 – 15:58 The Hex Core
15:59 – 19:20 Thornmail
19:21 – 20:50 Lightbringer
20:51 – 25:45 Ohmwrecker

Special thanks to all of you guys for your support to my channel. i really appreciate it.. Also credits go to Riot Games for their amazing work making a Royal Free Music Album that kicks some ass*s! (Pentakill – Smite & Ignite). Of course, to the companies that will make some really gorgeous games in the next months.. And last but not least special thanks to for his various gameplay videos.

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KawaiiKiller says:

I want to move to Korea just so I can play these games early T-T

John Barley says:

I hope that Bless online won’t disappoint me like Archage

UNSCAce says:

0:10 Is that Pentakill – Lightbringer? Great choice mate ;)

MemoryDestiny says:

Blade and Soul!!

florian kentucky says:

half of them are created by drag and dropping tera

swathing winter says:

if bless would come be announced already i would have another reason to be
hyped for upcoming games. 

Alexandre Gomes says:

Muito bom, parabéns..

swathing winter says:

also intro is Volbeat – still counting, correct? excellent choice either

Ivan Beletić says:

League of legends <3 music rules

ZoeyWilliams says:

i think i will try Blade & Soul and Black Desert for sureeeeeeeeeeeeeee

SynTheZ Productions says:

good point and click rpgs !!

compare this to pso2 and it’s shit (except black desert)

the word “action” is overrated these days

eihnxanderstorm says:

interesting list of games. i might take a look at a few of them. Having

Mark Loeper Jr says:

blade and soul definitely since i’ve played the china version, bless and
black desert online

musicquatic92 says:

Blade and Soul when are you coming to US!!!?!?! T.T

Different says:

I call it from now, black desert is going to be shit

good combat system and graphics dont make a good game

Zeke Aeloen says:

Shouldnt flood your comments section with your own comments, makes you look
derpy and silly. Thats what description is for..

ZoeyWilliams says:

wow what a song list fucking amazing

jay_615 says:

thumbs up if number 8 looks gay

JuKbOx54000 says:

no lost ark ? :(

Snaggle Teef says:

I’m sorry but I insta clicked off of this video. Spamming the screen with
annotations is really a turn off…

KaiTheDemonLord says:

Well I was expecting another IGN clone video, but it’s actually pretty
good, thanks! Wasn’t expecting that.

Klannahar says:

Blade and Soul not an upcomming MMO same as ArcheAge… -,- You should
rename your video as upcomming 2013-2014 😀
Both of them out in Korea few years alredy, and in EU Archeage releisd 2014
not 2015-2016…

Where is Black Desert?

Usama Khan says:

MMO wise Guild wars 2 has sucked me in. I wonder if any of these games will
make me change to a different one.

goldenDien says:

15:10 blitzcrank is that you?

Maxime Rainville says:

“put those headphones on, turn that volume way up and just simply enjoy the
next 25 minutes of your day!”

More like: Press that mute button on.

Hiro Nappa says:


John Le says:

The music starts from 19:21 sort reminds me of diablo 2…

Alexander Shapatava says:

since when AA and BS are 2015 games? -_- especially BS

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