Best Work at Home Jobs, Examples

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Best work at home jobs. Here are some awesome-sauce wahm companies that are kickin’ it old school! Lol. I’ve always wanted to say “kickin’ it old school.” X0X0 Renae.

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Cross Stitch Expressions |
Kate Walter Photography |
Ms. Courtney’s Closet |
Love My Social Media |
Bugaroo Boutique |

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Renae Christine says:

Yay for not dropping dead and yay for hugs!!

Emilio2798 says:

Hey. don’t teach bad habits to your children. 😉

CaliSunrise805 says:

<3 You Renae! I just got a new job for when Shelby is at school so I have
been slacking but I am so grateful to you for giving my tiny company a
shout out.

jamiekrista says:

You seem like Kristin Wiig in some ways

Renae Christine says:

Woah. Best compliment I’ve EVER received. Thank you so much.

gaye glasspie says:

You are just what I need to get my day going! You rock!

Renae Christine says:

You have a great weekend too! I LOOOOVE that smiley! :}

Renae Christine says:

Yay! Thanks! You rock too!

Renae Christine says:

Lol. Yup.

manolisvlog says:

I’ll try to!! 🙂 I will try not to drop dead if it’s for you! hhehehe!!

Renae Christine says:

Yay! Love ya Manoli. Don’t be tooooo busy. I want to come visit you some
day and I can’t if your dead from all the busi-ness.

Renae Christine says:


Bocist says:

Lol Have no clue what that means either.. The outtakes were awesome. Have a
Gr8 weekend :}

buddybugatti says:

I’ll try to send you the link…

manolisvlog says:

The cutest outtakes ever!!! Adorable!! Love ya! 🙂

Renae Christine says:

Love you tons. No worries. I’ll always be here when you need me. 🙂 I’m
like Mary Poppins. 🙂

buddybugatti says:

h t t p :/ / y o u t u . b e / 1 g X 1 E P 6 m G – E JUST “REMOVE” EVERY
SPACE BETWEEN EACH LETTER & NUMBER, and you will have the link to the
SONG!! YT won’t let me post a web address here. ~Buddy

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