Home Based Jobs Without Investment – Genuine Work from Home Jobs

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http://www.tkqlhce.com/click-3742839-10711185?sid=GWFHJod Find Home Based Jobs Without Investment, Genuine Work from home jobs where you pay nothing to find a job and complete a job. In fact, with this website, it’s the employer who pays for the priviledge of finding you. Register today, it’s free, start looking for work immediately…who knows, you may get lucky and start working by tomorrow!


Braunter11 says:

For odesk, I believe you must be 18 or older. Above that age, you’re good
to go. If you are below age 18 see the website: online jobs for teenagers
today. (all one word)

Braunter11 says:

Sorry for my late reply. Yes, very real, see my replies above.

Braunter11 says:

Hello Vitthal, Yes, it’s very real. Sign up with Odesk. Because it is a
global workplace, people from around the world are competing for those
jobs, which means, yes, it’s competitive, however, you can compete. It will
require that you approach it from a business mindset. You must get up
early, apply to many jobs, and be consistent. I also recommend elance,
freelancer and fiverr. Also, see the website: online jobs for teenagers

Braunter11 says:

Yes, completely real. If you visit the website you’ll see.

Ma. Julie Anne Villares says:

i already tried odesk but was never accepted in a job. its either not
accepting applicants or the client denied my application.

Braunter11 says:

Many thanks. I know I am a bit late in getting back. Apologies.

Braunter11 says:

Many thanks. I know I am a bit late in getting back. Apologies.

Braunter11 says:

Thank you Andrew.

Michael Maghari says:

this is real?

MillionaireSociety01 says:

working from home can be pretty great..that’s for sure

20FAHQ says:

how long have you been working with company? and how long did it take you
to get a job? i appreciate your reply 🙂

GNANA GOPALAN Jayamanikandan says:

any update? Have u got any job to work from home?

mallikarjun k says:

is it really works can i make money in a week please reply me,i am eagarly

Allyssa Benedito says:

is there a age limit?

bethany2nirvana says:

This seems like a website where you work for anonymous people not a
credible company. I just browsed real quick..unless im missing something. I
dont trust regular joes who want to hire me..

zenon macyshyn says:

awsome video and site is excellent

vitthal chepte says:

i want to work from my home does it works or its just a fake ?

Braunter11 says:

Hi Julie, You know, it’s not uncommon. But I need to poke you with a few
thoughts to consider: Have you applied daily to jobs – and many jobs, not
just one (1)? Have you sent examples of your related work when applying to
the jobs? These two things are important. It’s sort of like finding your
soul mate… kissing alot of frogs before finding your prince. Same
concept. And same result. Once you get one job and 1 feedback, more jobs
will come, like more boyfriends come when you already have 1

Braunter11 says:

It works Bethany. People get hired, and more importantly, paid on / through
Odesk. To start, make sure the jobs you apply to are verified… they have
uploaded a credit card to Odesk and Odesk has called to verify that the
credit card it legit. You will see the verified word in green under their
name / company description. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose, it’s
free to sign up. Good luck.

Braunter11 says:

Mallikarjun, Sign up. Apply to many jobs. Be consistent and determined.
Odesk pays weekly. If you get a job and complete it by next Monday. You
will be paid next week. Get a feel for the Odesk platform and yes, you can
make money. Know that, Odesk is a popular worldwide website so the early
bird gets the early worm. All things are possible. Good luck, and report
back with you success or further questions.

Steven Johnson says:

Usefull, interesting video.

Braunter11 says:

I have been with Odesk for about 4 years…I think… basically, a long
time. I started out as someone who hired people on Odesk then, I became an
employee. Once I started to apply, seriously (meaning regularly to jobs), I
probably got hired within a week. To be successful on odesk you must apply
to jobs daily. The jobs do not come to you, you must go to the job. I also
recommend that you check out fiverr.com. That’s a website where jobs come
to you, not the other way around. Best of luck!

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