HUGE Ultimate Fails Compilation 2014 (So Far) || BMR Media

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HUGE Ultimate Fails Compilation 2014 (So Far) || BMR Media
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I'm God says:

This channel obviously doesnt know what a fail is and what a win is…mixed
fcking video

Logan Caines says:

That moment when you watch 13:29

Whoami691 says:

*Roof caves in*

“Hey Ron!”

“Hey Billy!”

Nuclear The Gamer says:

5:50 Omg. It’s Harry Potter

Mark Hilton says:

How is that dancestar kid a fail? That’s an epic win. Jeez, he’s quicker
than Michael Flatley.

TheDeadman Gamer says:

anyone else see that there is fucking wins in this aswell wtf

Nat T says:

Person 1: *falls through roof* Hey Ron.
Person 2: Hey Billy.
Person 1: That hurt. 

m4rs12 says:


Yogen Grg says:

3:08 planet caravan by Pantera yeah m/

c4 ninja says:

6:14 that…..was…..fucking….AWESOME!!!!

Youstoo pid says:

8:10 “Hey, Ron!” “Hey, Billy!” LMAO WTF?!

olivia serrata says:

These are all so freaking hilarious!! 

5jerry1 says:

How did that *EVER* make it to a “Fail” video?

dabooda49 says:

12:33 someone fucking tell me if he was alright, please…

GoodTimesWithAhmed says:

Too many people fell for 27:33 XD

SickSky's says:

Falls through ceiling*



“…Hey Ryan.”
“Hey Billy…..that hurt…”

tigatom tigatom says:

The wedding one, she wouldn’t have fallen if the prick didn’t hold onto her
leg trying to get an up skirt 

Wutzthedeal says:

We’ve entered a new era when tidal waves make fails vids. 

Tristan Clark says:

ok so this video was shit

fly wayne says:

At 330 fuckin bikes stay off the damn roads !

Terra Spradling says:

8:05 “hey Ron””hey Billy” LOL

Wykletypl says:

14:00 Holland?

hedge mcnorry says:

It’s not 2014 when you repost vids from 5yrs ago.

Connor Yo says:

Hey Ron …. Hey billy .. Lol!!!

Id0n0thate says:

17:20 the next Roberto Carlos.

BeastlyNinja says:

I’m curious about 13:06

RumTumTuggy says:

Person from 2,500 years ago, “I wonder what it will be like in 2500
years…Imagine what great wonders our race will work!”

Answer: 15:20

megayoyo 911 says:

How the fuck is 6:02 a fail???

Tiwaking Tiwaking says:

15:22 is amazing

azzorzer says:

Its fucking win/fail -.-

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