Unsigned busker / fishmonger Sherika Sherard singing an original tribute song to inspire youth looking for a job: Give Me a Job! Recorded and published under permission from the artist. Copyrighted work, Do NOT copy [More]
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REPORT: Finding a stable job has become a challenge in Korea. In 2006, irregular workers accounted for 35.5% of the workforce. (N. Tourret)
http://youthworktoolbox.com/nailing-job-interview/ Discover the keys of successful interviewing… with this interactive and comprehensive FREE training webinar! Whether you’re considering applying for a new job or you’re currently or potentially at risk of redundancy and may have [More]
As news broke that the California unemployment rate hit a record high in May, a local college student found herself looking for a job in a field in which she never thought she would work.
With over one million 16-24 year olds currently unemployed in the UK, joblessness among the young is a pressing problem. Nevertheless, unemployment among the young has been here before. In the past people often moved [More]
SPAIN: Young Spanish job seekers find their El Dorado – in Germany With youth unemployment currently at a jaw-dropping high of 43%, Spanish job seekers are looking abroad to find work. Many are looking towards [More]
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Some 5.5 million young people on the EU labour market cannot find a job, and 7.5 million young people aged 15-24 are NEETs – not in employment, education or training. Youth Employment Package includes a [More]
This workshop is addressed to newcomer youth to Toronto, aged 15-21 years old who are planning to launch a job search this summer. Join us to explore your options, build your resume, learn about your [More]