5 Minute Home Abs Workout – NO Equipment Needed

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Home Ab Workout – NO Equipment Needed – Male & Female: (Click Show More)

Hey Guys And Girls!

You can do this workout as many times as you want in a day. It’s an ab workout you can do anytime, with just a towel.

Wouldn’t recommend more than twice in one day.

And NEVER do it everyday!

This ab workout is hard so you need to give your abs time to develop and working them out everyday will not allow that.

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David Veras, Certified Fitness Trainer

Blog: http://VerasFitness.com
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Video URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEnPG_yrtr4&lc4eTF


TheCowGoesMoo o says:

Gave up after the first exercise, I have a short torso and long legs, no
matter how hard I tried I felt nothing in my abs

FaDe pRoDiGY says:

Ummmm I think ill just stay with my 1 pack
Me and my 1 pack are happy how we are now

Marquese Hauptman says:

the only thign i dont like about this workout is the fact you dont feel the
burn in your lower stomach like you do when you do crunches its very

bloodcorer says:

I have a question. Iam doing the exercise at 2:50 with legs fully extended
and have tried some times, when raise them at 90 degrees, i push them up
along with my back and i feel a pain on the top abs. Am i doing it right or
i should stop it? Havent felt any pain at the back. Any thoughts?

Big Mike says:

Okay… a few questions. How many times a day would you have to do the
exercises. And roughly how long would it be before seeing results? 

Nelson Yaxcal says:

5 Minute Home Abs Workout – NO Equipment Needed 5 Minute Home Abs Workout –
NO Equipment Needed

lucaine00 says:

Good video, but the music and his hard breathing sounds a little pornish
when you’re just listening lol ijs

Dan Wijas says:

Incredible exercise for anyone who’s decently in shape (Meaning not
overweight) looking to add-on to their physique with some nice looking

Perz- CyrusTheGreat says:

Yess, I can see my ABS AGAIN! :D

Steven Burgos says:

so are you saying every other day should suffice? 4 times a week??

Marquese Hauptman says:

I wanted to loose weight so i fasted for 2 weeks. and lost a lot of weight
know im eating a protein diet and working on my upper body.

Laksha Deirwa Nasaf says:

I did it. What will be next?

Discreet Bai says:

I am currently using these ab exercises and it works for me but people
should also understand that you need to loose weight before getting those
six pack abs. I stopped drinking soda, eating too much pastries and junk
food to control my weight. I also go on the stationary bike for 20 minutes
or more and do some long walks. For a month now, I lost an inch of
waistline. My next plan is to go to a gym and keep the momentum going. If
I stay at home with no one advising me what to do or encouraging me to do
more, I might go back to my old habits.

Frazer Gayapersad says:

Great workout, really feeling the burn.

mike santos says:

For all the kids under 18 like me workout now u can butn all that fat now
and be ripped and not be struggling like these adults which takes them
months to get a 4pack we can get within weeks and highschool has all the
girls so go now im progressing with my lil brother hes 13 and has 6pacj im
16 with a shaped up 4pack

xzotic92 says:

ill do this workout after my actual abs workout bitch 

Justin Baya says:

5 Minute Home Abs Workout – NO Equipment Needed

Make Game Life says:

Can I get 6 pack abs from this workout if I’m 12

Murtaza Tirmize says:

How are we suppose to do it when clearly you are struggling to do it 

John Araque says:

Please reply, why do my hips or legs hurt when I do the monan twists or

FitDemo says:

great wo! Thx bro!

Gasai AMV says:

You said not everyday so what it mean? Like 1 day training, 1 day rest, 1
day training ect?

Houari S says:

c bien

GRUpac says:

this shit is so gay… just listen to this music

Beth Slater says:

Will this work for women too x

孙业煌 says:

such a healthy, ripped body

Hundra says:

how long till results?

MrHellrazer08 says:

I have been doing this for about a week now and most of the time i feel the
burn in my legs and back and they hurt. I can feel the burn in my abs but
its really less. Am i doing something wrong? 

MrZZooh says:

This wasn’t that bad. I’m nowhere near David’s shape but was able to do
this fairly easily. I’m feeling it a little already. Thanks.

Suna no chan doll says:

he hansome

ekbar NAZRI says:


Sourabh Kamal says:

do you have to shred fat first b4 starting off this exercises or is it okay
to do these right away with fat on your stomach?

Saina Nerval says:

Where is ur abs?

Ibra ibbe says:

Yo!! +David Veras i did this in one day and i got 4 packs i was like WTF
Dude thanx a lote for helping other ppl u are a real men. salut!!

skullz4skullz says:

Thanks man. Really did feel that burn.

Samuel Frimpong Paddy says:
Krishna Kanth says:

I have seen a million workouts…for me, your workout was the one which
worked….I lost 28 kg in 3 months…I am millions of miles away from
you…from India….but I thank you for this exercise tip! Kudos!

Make Game Life says:

I’m 50kg

Siya Mava says:

Love this workout!!! Use to have it on my pc and I lost it, I’m downloading
it again! Thanks!

Kimberley Thompson says:

Thanks! Great workout!!! 

b Shep says:

Don’t waste your childhood u only get 1

Richard Lambert says:

….#1 does not seem to do anything for me right now, probably because im
still pretty over weight.

#2 same as number one

#3 Surprisingly, i can do this one though 🙂

#4 Too hard at my weight… D: …. this guy must be pretty strong, its
like a mid way sit-up except your twisting it around O.o . Now i can do a
sit-up, several sit-ups, but to just hold it there!! INSANE!! lol

And…#5 Im not sure im doing this one right… :-/

Anyway, thanks for the vid 🙂 . Im trying to lose weight, and get fit, so
ive been looking up exercises for every muscle. Im at 280lb right now, and
i dont want to end up with alot of lose skin. My research seems to indicate
that not losing weight too fast while building muscle will help prevent
that. :)

Kaan Aydogdu says:

hiç bi Türk gardaşım demedimi sende sanki kas varda bize öğretiyon amk diye

Ryan&Kimberly Davis says:

you tube ab workout

Ismael Cherif says:

I mean, why is it that some people get abs like him. They are still abs but
they are like fat abs. Was it because he was a bit over weight before? I’m
only 13 and not overweight, but if I workout my abs even more, will they
‘pop’ like this man’s? I just want a flat belly with abs that still pop

Fudge Yells says:

Thanks I ll just get rite to it then

Efren Reyes says:

I do this 5 times a day and in a week I got ripped and I am only 14

David Colon says:

5 minutes does nothing

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