8 Proven Ways to Effectively Work from Home

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A lot is required out of us (the work-from-home self employed) and I made this video to share some powerful tips to keep you organized, strategic, productive and feeling good. Please SUBSCRIBE for more and keep reading below 🙂 I ♡ you for watching!

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Alexandra Potora says:

Good morning from California! A new video went up on my channel this
morning, in the Career & Money playlist.

makeupbymllelorraine says:

Thank you for this! I love being self-employed !! xoxo

ladyRossoneri says:

thank you for your tips darling. I’m currently self employed and I find
some difficulties that you mention, but hopefully with your ideas I will
improve. =)

Emma Sheehy says:

Super helpful- thank you! Just came across your channel and am so glad I
did! I have a channel and would love if you checked it out. All the best!

Fruity Kitchen says:

Alex Ur reli good at monitoring yrself, especially good at putting yrself
in such a state of mind where one’s “ready to fight/work”. The beginning
quote is so awesome and true.
Tks for the vdo xXx

Theodora says:

So true. I just can’t understand why ppl don’t know about you. 

Roxi V. says:

It would be amazing to be able to work from home. It’s something that I
definitely hope to accomplish at one point in my life. Great tips as usual

Tinadi3131 says:

I love being self-employed) Thank you!

madelineknapp says:

I’ve always wanted to work from home. Maybe someday. 🙂 can’t wait to find
out where your shirt is from. Xoxo

madelineknapp says:

Get out of here! I never have any luck there. Then again a day of shopping
usually doesn’t revolve around me anymore. I’ll be that old lady wearing
all the stuff I should’ve worn at 26. This video actually made me think
about days off, I shouldn’t wear sweat pants bc I get horribly lazy! 

DIY Mali says:

awesome video alex, I emailed you recently and you haven’t replied. WHY?

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