Appen Butler Hill hiring 2,000 web search evaluators to work from home

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To apply for Appen Butler Hill as a web search evaluator, please click here My Employment Options Virtual Work at home Job Fair
Workersonboard Q & A


D George says:

I now got hire from them to do crowdsourcing, they do the same uhrs like
clickworker do you think those two companies have the same owners. One good
thing about Appen Butler Hill they have more hitts.

Andrea Hunte says:

How much work can you do seriously with Appen. Is it just random work -here
and there ,or a serious 20 hr a week opportunity.. No disrespect but
signing up to a lot of places that are paying very little is more like
being a volunteer than actual work. Be reasonable with your reviews, if you
want to be taken serious…Keep up the great work!!

marissa360technology says:

Hi, I applied at Appen Butler Hill as a web search evaluator. I took the
assessment. I had to rank how closely the keyword and does the information
provided on the website matches, based on 1 to 5. Then, I took a basic
grammar test and basic reading comprehension, read a paragraph. I didn’t
get accepted for that position, but the company said I could apply for
other positions. So, don’t be afraid to apply. I still do similar work for
other companies. If you’re like me, some tests, I don’t do well and for
other companies my work is accepted! Thanks Alicia, Keep up the Good Work!

D George says:

Hey do they do uhrs to like clickworker I heard someone said that

Tee/Get paid fast says:

Can you use Windows Vista?

jh ferrell says:

Alicia, I live in California, and which WAH companies hire for California,
or you can work for them from anywhere? Which ones should I apply to, and
which should I not apply to? Let me know!

aumkarpraja says:

Is this legitimate?

lcashley2011 says:

Hi Alicia, have you actually done work with Appen before? I am looking for
someone who has contracted with them to give a little guidance.

missladyt08 says:

Hello, I’ve just put it my application today and I will be doing my
assessment tomorrow but is a degree really required for this job?

Olumide Oni says:

is this opportunity available in Nigeria?

elbert ellokito says:

Hi my name is elbert i just got contact by them and i have to do the test
first… Wish me luck

Kamilah Murray says:

Appen Butler and leapforce have contacted me about taking the test! Im so
excited but nervous about the test. Do you have any suggestions about there

Sondra Mora says:

The contract shows they’ll pay in Australian dollars, although I live in
the U.S. Will that be an issue when it comes time to file my taxes?

Workersonboard says:

Hi Leslie, It is called workersonboarddotcom

Workersonboard says:

Hi Shannon, I hope you get the job! Please keep me up to date. I can’t wait
to hear the good news. Thank you for watching.

Workersonboard says:

Hi Shante, I am not sure if I know what you mean by inbox but you can
contact me via email at and I will get back in
touch with you as soon as possible.

Workersonboard says:

Hi Mary, Pleio is hiring again right now. On the question and answer page
on Workersonboard someone from the company made a post stating they need
people to work from home. I believe that a training class will start at the
end of the month.

Workersonboard says:

Possibly some surveys and crowdsourcing tasks from companies like
Clickworker and Amazon Mturk just to name a few.

YeahYepYes says:

Hello. Can anyone provide the possible salary/hourly pay compensation for
the Evaluator position for Appen Butler Hill? I am viewing 13.54 as an
average on Glassdoor. Thank you.

Workersonboard says:

Hi Acadia, you may want to try Humantic, Usertesting, Youeye, Mindswarms,
or even writing articles online. You could also try Amazon Mturk as well.


so this is a real deal? i saw it at local hiring websites ( im from Hong
Kong). and while local jobs offer aruond USD$5 per hour only this sounds
really really nice! but my only concern is whether this is a fake one or not

Rocio Victoria says:

Thank you so much for the job info…but where is the link to register for
tomorrow job fair…the link you have it’s old and it was for March
7th…can you send the link for tomorrow’s job fair. I’ve been out of work
for while no unemployment and need to work. I would love to find a work
from home job I will love it…thanks

Acadia Rose says:

Thank you I will try them 😀

Workersonboard says:

I think you should be fine.

Luscious027 says:

Hi Alisha, my name is Lee, I’d like to begin by saying thank you for
posting all these work at home jobs. Keep up the good work… 🙂 I happen to
apply for rate my videos. Started off great, got paid my first five dollars
but there after I have not received payment written many times. No
response. Also, the last video was not viewable because the person took it
down. It cannot be rated, I can get a new video, won’t let me skip ahead,
so I’m stuck with one last video to be rated. Help!

Workersonboard says:

Hi Belinda, it depends on if the company specifies this in their job

jewang10 says:

Hi Alicia, do you know if they are still hiring? I applied around 8 days
ago and I haven’t heard back. I also emailed Ken Realmuto and he hasnt
replied. How long do they normally take to get back to applicants? Thanks!

Sharonica Jones says:

Hi alicia, i was wondering if you knew the pay rate for the Appen Butler
Hill Job?

allison cooper says:

thank you i appreciate your videos

Rajasekar S says:

I am Indian, i want mturk id My name, S.Rajasekar

Tamesha A says:

Thank you so much. I appreciated. Here is my email address:

shante freeman says:

Hi do u have any advice because I still have not heard from Appen Butler or
teletech . Thank you

Workersonboard says:

They should get in contact with you very shortly. If not, you can email
Rachael via email at recruitment@appenbutlerhill(dot)com and she will help
you and answer any questions you may have.

Workersonboard says:

Your welcome.

Workersonboard says:

Hi Ben, you can contact Ken Realmuto from Appen Butler Hill directly via
email at KRealmuto@appenbutlerhilldotcom. He will get back in touch with
you shortly. I hope this helps.

Workersonboard says:

Yes, you can try Virtualbee, Great American Opportunities, Xerox has some
data entry work from home jobs from time to time. You can also try Cloud
Crowd, Amazon Mturk, and Clickworker. They have some tasks where you will
complete data entry from home.


I have Windows 8, 1 TB memory laptop, unlimited broadband. Is this ok ?

Tamesha A says:

One more question: Do you have any feedback for VirtualBee? Is this a
pretty good company as well?

Workersonboard says:

You can also contact Ken Realmuto regarding your status via email at

poizon4 says:

FYI a laptop, in most cases, IS a PC.

Workersonboard says:

Hi there, you don’t need a webcam and they pay you via check in the mail.

Workersonboard says:

Hi Ben, you can try this email address krealmuto@appenbutlerhilldotcom. You
can also try reaching him through this phone number 425-481-1140 or on
Skype at krealmuto.abh. If this doesn’t work, please let me know right away
and I will contact him right away.

Workersonboard says:

Hi Meika, it doesn’t specify if a Mac computer is compatible, so I would
try and see what happens. It only states that you need a personal computer
and laptop with windows 7.

Rocio Victoria says:

Hi Alicia I am not disable I am just looking for some kind of income I have
not found a job and I would love to do something from home. Thanks for the

yoyong79 says:

Hi Alicia, do you have any email to contact Appen butler hill? they just
reply me once since I sent my application to them. I’m waiting over 2weeks

Workersonboard says:

Yes they are still hiring.

Patrick Jackson says:

I would like more info on this job is there a link we can apply?

Belinda Whitmore says:

Thank you Lady,

brave says:

so if i have a mac i cant apply?

Tamesha A says:

Appen Butler. I emailed the contact person as you instructed, however, I
have not heard back from him.

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