Best chest workout – 30 minutes routine – How to get big chest

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Chest workout: level 1 + level 2 + level 3 all together! … 3 is better than 1!
Insane chest workout for get big chest at home! Are you ready for it ?
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Random Walk says:

Hey guys, can anyone help me? I’m doing the first 2 lvls every day + i’m on
a diet because i’m trying to lose some weight. I’ve been told by many
people that the body needs some rest so i’m going to workout every 2 days.
When it would be OK to diet? the day i workout or during the rest day? My
priority right now is to lose weight, but i also want some muscles until i
done with the diet.

superpixel says:

So any success stories? Does this really give you a big chest?

Dean Ibraimov says:

I think im going to die. RIP

Desmond Turner says:

Does it count if I do the whole thing but occasionally miss a rep or two?

Deadmanlyndon . says:

i am kinda fit, and i never knew push ups on knees were so hard. i am
ashamed, i can only make it to the first 2 sets in lvl 2. The first set
wears me out lol. but man, am i pumped and sweating after. I like it. 

CrazyGhost Gamer says:

o melhor treino que ja vi 

wild4fp says:

when it whispers ‘passion for profession, sounds like porn intro.

ItsKronicChaos 432 says:

Would it be okay if I do Lvl.1 (Monday) Lvl.2 (Wesdnesday) and. Lvl.3
(Friday) then rest on Sat. and Sun.?

Skillica says:

This workout gives me an insane pump in the chest, i love to do this when I
cant get to the gym !

daniel ordoñez says:

How many times a week we should do this exercises?

Adil Sohail says:

Love your videos.
No need of gym.

You guys doing fantastic job :-)

Luqman Oqbah says:

Is it okay if I can’t do level 2 right now? I tried… but I just couldn’t
push up.

andystaffy says:

367 pushups total

Razvan-Dan Urda says:

I do weights and this program was hard.

JUONNE says:

This is completely killing me! I gets *really* hard at phase 2 lvl 1.

Alexis O'Neal says:

I used to have flat chest before and doing frequently push ups really
improved this area perfectly, I can tell that now is one of the best shape
I’ve gotten in my body. Learning some new tricks from you here that I
still hadn’t tried will be an awesome and successful experience which could
be more than useful and worthy for me.. Regards and hugs for you from NY
!! :-)

Micky House says:

The pushup is wrong, the elbows are suppose to be tucked in, not out flared

Ruivinho 96 says:

I dont get it, I’m 19 years old male slim toned play soccer twice a week
and cycle 30 minutes everyday and I’ve been fit doing sports my whole life
but I cant even complete phase 2. About half way through phase 2 im so
physically fucked i physically cant push myself up for the pushup. I dont
understand what is wrong with me but its really fucking annoying

XpertiCON says:

I gave up on life after level 1


I love dis 

DarkVocal says:

I thought I was good at push up exercises but I couldn’t even complete
this! And I know I’m targeting the chest not arms cus you can feel the
chest muscles twitch with each rep, I have to have a break tho cus I have
to do it on my knuckles not flat palms cus I have tendonitis! Subscribed
for sure! Thanks


How about if you are addicted to Masturbation………….? does it brings
the same?

Ahmed Hassan says:

phase 3 was a killer

Vaanspinz says:

Very helpful. But i still want to go to gym. 

Lehlohonolo Paile says:

This chest workout works i love it 

Vivian Victoria says:

30 seconds…try 30 minutes XD

jorge antonio de souza says:


treybird1594 says:

Anyone finish this crap! Im new to working out does this increase arm size?
as well as strength with it

mahdi majdoub says:

friends please do u have program of the’s workouts ?

Hilandar says:


Nick P says:


Elian Alia says:

Best chest workout & Best video! I do it for only 1 month (march 29 day)
every day. Thank you!

Craig Fearns says:

8.5 mins 4th day had a break on second day, I do it every day twice or 3
times a day I stop when I am dead lol 

Stanly Abishek says:

thanks guys nic video very useful to me……………..thank you sooo
much for ur video

Elias Juha says:

i gave up on life
i’m gonna die 

Cocos says:

I’m doing this one day,second day abs,again this,abs 5. day i don’t
excersise and then I start again from begining. Is it good plan ? PLEASE

Jorge García Nieva says:


alex stanescu says:

the best way too lose weight its running..its hard..but i assure you too
lose weight..or go too pool..if u have time..these exercises chest workout
its ok..but u need to runn bro:)for toning your body..

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