Best HOME Leg Workout – NO Equipment Needed – BODYWEIGHT ONLY

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What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?


Title: Hellberg – Hands of Time (feat. Jonny Rose)
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FTown M says:

this is my warm up before i smash dat pussy

Thanos says:

I can use a few of them during sex

Grafit says:

1:44 … if my mom saw me doing that idk what she would think xd

Brendan Meyers says:

If you don’t have time to go to the gym or time to even go to a park, here
you go! No excuses now. 

Jhays HD says:

Damn… Will this release some fat?then…it increases strength ??

Chris Nt says:

1:49 New sex position..i should try that

PickDish says:

hey Brendan! I’ve done your Jump higer program for six weeks and left a
review in the comments of that video. Basically I’m learning basketball and
would LIke, ultimately, to dunk.

The other program helped me a lot.

Will this increase my vertical?

Daru Martini says:

Okey goodbye world, i go to kill my self with 3:50 training

Renzo Tuano says:

THe rest were easy but the knee get ups were so hard! Can’t even do one! I
fell on the first try

Marius Picard says:

Without rest this is quite for strength and endurance but not mass increase
right ?
Btw, did you actually build your legs with BWE only ?
I have no doubt we can build strong legs with BWE but so ripped are quite
rare !

Devyn Stone says:

This work out should be called how to fuck the air.

Vincenzo Pisano says:

Very interesting exercises. Realistic stuff for beginners like me. 

September Stewart says:

Great warm up dude thanks 

Vikranth Koundinya says:

OMG Brendan, you are flatfooted! I’ve been ooking for someone who is
flatfooted and does Calisthenics. Has it ever effected you? I’m flatfooted
as well.

doanster says:

Love the hamstring exercises – didn’t know they were even possible without
a machine. Thanks!!

Красимир Михайлов says:

Brendan i wanned to ask you do you keep carbs high in leg days ? I’ve
always wonder that !!

Apex Clan Gaming says:

This is great im 11 and im doing this to prepare for football, thanks
hopefully this works!!!

Quentin Paris says:

its a warmup ?

Rafi Chalhoub says:

Donee! Awesome workout ! Pain! Proud to be ur student!!! +Brendan Meyers 

boghy19952011 says:

Thanks for sharing !!

CowBoy15' says:

Wow thought I couldn’t do those Knee Get Ups but actually did OK on my
first try. Nice work bro. +1 Sub

laurence nicholson says:

Great vid again Brendan. I love working on mine legs. I’ve been watching
your vids for lil while now, and every vid I’ve watched so far increases my
body and I feel better every time. Thanks man.

Abdulsamad Waheed says:

great as usual!

OmegaSephiroth112 says:

Thanks for all the videos you upload, man. They are great help!

Donnie Giberson says:

Would this along with running/Biking be good for hockey?

Bubba Varela says:

You should do more leg vids theres not to many out there

Sharang Yadav says:

your at home workouts are awesome man thanks

bilal bogs says:

+Brendan Meyers Yo bro ! i have a good upper body , but my lower body is
too weak , i want a top hardest and effective workout for legs to make them
stronger as my upper-body , could u help me please ? 

Mike Taylor says:

Finally,now my jeans will fit xD

ED Ggg says:

get skipping rope guys

It helps! Might also get taller if you’re under 18 😉 

Jaime Marcillo says:

You’re amazong bro (Y) nice videos! Thanks for sharing your workouts with

Dino Saur says:

I like it. 

GGio Gurchiani says:

Brendan how many times in a week ? great workouts 

Flako Chacon says:

A Brendan I’ve been working for a while now and I haven’t been takin
protein powders or anything like that mines been just frozen strawberries
bananas and blueberries and eggs shake and I’m doing good hard ass muscles 

ivalices says:

it’s good if I do it every day?

GSPxRUSH says:

Gonna do this routine when I get home nice vid you should do more videos
like this workout with the trainer type videos sorry if you already
have some up 

A1vin505 says:

Hey Brendan, how often can I do this work out to get quick and healthy

Samuel Taylor says:

nice videos the exercises don’t seem to be to hard will they really build

boostuse says:

Hi Brendan , your changing my life ! Appreciate that ! That Superman is
tough ! If not impossible .

Hoang Hai says:

Tks u so much !!!

Roger Yangali says:

I liked the video man. You should include some pistol squats in there and
don’t forget the calf raises, if you don’t do them, you should try em out
some time :)

Young Justice says:

Thanx mate ill use them tmw if I can remember them all :p btw do you think
ill eventually need to go to the gym to get decent legs or this workout
will give me decent legs

Ystan G says:

Thanks a lot Brendan ! My leg burns after doing this’s

Sam Jones says:

Really awesome stuff man. Subbed up already!

howto42 says:

knee get ups are to hard for me! i have body muscle but my leg muscle is
weak and i feel like i would break my legs if i try knee get ups.

Eva Rivera-Ferrell says:

OMGGG thank you so much for this! I go to the gym 5-6 days a week but i’m
trying to get things ready for my family visiting for Thanksgiving and I
just did this workout and I feel AMAZING! I Just sub from both of my
channels and I can’t wait to check out the rest of your awesome videos!
Enjoy the rest of your week! :-)

Divesh suvarna says:

any basics for “knee get ups” ?

Garrett Sundberg says:

how many times should I be doing this each time?

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