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Learn how to stay fit and shed fat daily. with little effort in the morning at home

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Wolfflow500 says:

Can your knees go over your toes during squats or does that damage them?๏ปฟ

Lhin Doh says:

Your enjoyable Angel. Il keep up with your posts. I do have to admit a
thumb tack would be the move on you while in that position.๏ปฟ

Carl D. says:

Be my boyfriend!!! You sexy thang!๏ปฟ

koolboywonder says:

No pull ups? =S iv started to do 100 push ups and 20 close grip pull ups
everyday not alot i know but if i keep doing it everyday its gonna show

Angel Ripped says:

its an effective routine ๐Ÿ™‚ start your day already with progress and simple
enough to allow you to do it the next day

Angel Ripped says:

a mix of titanium

Daniel ZYZZ says:

What is the song man? i mean when you start doing the routine

Chris Harris says:

So Angel. You think I should do this every morning? Or only a certain
amount of days? Cause I did it this morning and I felt good ๐Ÿ™‚

Angel Ripped says:

thankx ๐Ÿ™‚

Michel Boileau says:

Excellent morning workout

Cristiano Escobar says:

@02Nawal indeed


does wall chair work core?

Chris Harris says:

The intro is awesome.. it gets me motivated and pumped.. glad u made this
morning video. Its not much but its a good way to getyour day started.
thanks bro keep it up

Trent Jackson says:

The lesson here is to work out DAILY but no need to take allot of time.
Many reps or fewer reps it doesn’t matter. Famous super athlete Herschel
Walker is known for doing a daily ‘body weight’ routine as well with
phenomenal results.

Chris Harris says:

Ok thanks.. I wish like u could see my body so u could tell me what I need
to work more on…no homo lol im just trying to get ready for spring break.
U know

H. Riaz says:

Angel, do a video talking about the benefits of bodybuilding and

Angel Ripped says:

timberwolf sed this to his fans,”get in fron of the mirror close your
eyes,flex. open your eyes. if you are not satisfied with twhat you see then
get to work hahaha i do this everyday now

Angel Ripped says:

bullet proof on his page

Dis1aBoss says:

Like the training out of the gyn setting! Any recommendations on how to get
good fitting business causal clothing now that your measurements are
bigger? Do u require tailoring or definitely try on before buying? Meat
heads dont want to look like a bum all day or do they? Lol

Jalil Harris says:

what was that remix of the song name?

soulimanism says:

before eating or after eating

MrHappyJack2012 says:

Good morning workout. do you do the same reps every day or do you change up
the reps? For all 7 days? this is good!

Angel Ripped says:

same here but i try to sneak a home work out here and there in the mornings

LiliaGlover428 says:

It would be a shame for you not to melt fat when other people accomplish it
so easily with Fat Blast Factor (check it out on Google).

Angel Ripped says:

i found that shit usefull, now next week i do these itll be a sweet process

Edwin Ochoa says:

so let’s find out what happens when I piss you off lol

irv gentry says:

Great video

MrVujko says:

It would be a shame for you not to bulk up when these people accomplish it
so easily with Morsch Muscle Madness (check it out on Google).

Berenice Solis says:

I’m glad you posted this video. I started working out in my room too with
weights..A Gym is nice but not always necessary..please post more at home
workouts thank you ..MattieBe82 ๐Ÿ™‚

Angel Ripped says:

thankx, do this every morning ๐Ÿ™‚ stay fit all day

drown deep says:

My guy…remember when u asked me how i did DIPS using my bathtub…lol.
See u doin the same with your bed!

TheAbStand says:

Because of time, I usually workout at night but have much more energy in
the morning.

Angel Ripped says:

my guy, it gets you up and ready my guy lol

b smith says:

good video man

Andriy Shirayev says:

Good day! I’m Ryan.I did -35 lbs past 2 weeks.More here

02Nawal says:

Nice ass baby

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