Fat Burning Cardio Workout – 37 Minute Fitness Blender Cardio Workout at Home

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FitnessBlender says:

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FitnessBlender says:

Hi Guys! Doing this workout right now!

FitnessBlender says:

What is it that you guys like best about this workout video? Tell me, and I
will make more like it!

DeLaGizzel says:

I started to work out this Monday… I did my own and decided to look for a
work out video that best fit was I was looking for and I can across this
and I love it.. I did it today for the first time. I only got to the first
20 mins of it because it’s my first time EVER exercising on a daily basis
but I’m sure that by this weekend I’ll be able to finish the whole 37. I
reeeally like this work out video. Two thumbs up for me 🙂 

Effy Deveraux says:

OMG! I’ve been trying to complete this exercises for the last 5 days, and
after trying many, many times, today I finally managed to finish this whole
37 minutes video! TY

Alejandra Sandoval says:

I’d be great to see results from people!

Laurita Venus says:

I am 15 years old i want to get abs and nice butt :DD and fit body .I am
1.70 cm and 57 kg 😀 and some people called me fat so i want to prove
myself and other people that they are wrong.. so i thought i could do these
exerces but it’s really hard I get tired really fast I guess I don’t breath
good or something i drink a lot of water.. but still.. but i worked out
almost all this video 😀 and in the end I just cant handle no more :D

Amy Dautllari says:

Everybody in my class in school is thin and I promised myself one day I
would be like them. This is a great way of starting out!

Alexis Brown says:

has this helped anyone loose weight perhaps?

Ryan Origin says:

I’m at 13 mins and i am ’bout to die, 100% legit workout!

Ellie Williams says:

Are those two different calorie counters on the bottom right-hand corner of
the video based on two different types of people? I know that is a stupid
question, but just trying to determine which one I should be following to
have a good idea on what I’m losing with this particular video.

Gabe Martinez says:

Needs background music or something lol.

Toñi Brecia says:

I’ve read somewhere these are the excercises Taylor Swift does…

Samantha Bowlin says:

Great video! 

Antonio. Fenty says:

Can teens do these exercises?

Teen swag says:

can i lose some weight with doing this ??? plz someone tell me

Britney Sao says:

I barely got through ten minutes without dying. I’m gonna try again tmr
Sweating buckets right now.

Autie Chomas says:

Doing this workout right now and it”s actually not that difficult. I am
overweight, I’m 150lbs, 5’3, and I’m only 14. I’m trying to lose a little
over 30lbs as soon as possible (before this summer). I’ve been calorie
counting like crazy and doing a ton of cardio but I need a little help diet
wise. I know cardio will definitely help me reach my goal but, I do need
help with my eating. It’s pretty easy for me to stick to healthy foods,
because I am a vegetarian and have been for 2 years but, it’s also easy to
stray away from healthy foods and eat junk. Does anyone have any tips or
links that I can refer to, thank you!

Enisa Kapetanovic says:
missy dec says:

Gosh! I cant even do this over 20 mins yet my legs already numb and I cant
walk properly for 2 days XD ! But it’s kinda refreshing! Gonna do this
again :D

Jasmine Nelson says:

3:15 did it stop for a water break or what

WOLF G4M3R says:

After the 15 minute i was about to die


Kezy CP says:

1st time doing this workout: I stopped at the first water break (and
skipped to the cool down) .
I think I’ll do this for the first few times then later I’ll try to make it
further. Also, I might mute the video and add music.

Vineeth Anaswara Muraleedharan Nair says:

I started working out yesterday and started with 1000 Calorie workout. I
was done after 9 mins and could not take it any further. I was completely
demotivated, but did not want to give up just like that. Then I found this
video. I did this today morning and was able to complete (only) 20 mins. I
hope to get to 25 mins tomorrow. I love this workout that it made me sweat
a lot and that gives a good feeling when you lie down afterwards! I also
can feel a lot of muscles in my body now! Thanks for the workout guys +
FitnessBlender .

MrReloadshot says:

Is this for men ?

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