HASfit 10 Minute Leg Workout Exercises – Best Legs Exercises at Home – Work Out for Women and Men

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WeGottaSituation says:

Great workout, had to pause a lot before the jumps but I’ll get better at
it soon. Thanks for the upload

JAY DEE says:

Day 2: my legs are sore still hard to put on socks or even sit! 

Tamara Bara says:

My new everyday workout, :)

johnny bratt says:

I still in program
I will get six pack abs 

happy christian says:

That was amazing.

Gareth Alan says:

I’m so out of shape. This just battered me.

Christian Fernandez says:

This is killing me.

kqwerty11 says:

Wow this workout used to kill me…. after doing insanity for 2 weeks i
don’t even break sweat anymore…guess ill just have to do it 2 times!

sfigueroa72 says:

Shit! That’s hard, but you know… NO PAIN NO GAIN!

ZaNe Ken says:

Bruhh I think I’m going to be headed to the emergency room real quick. I
can’t walk

Ralph Oliver Viñas says:

Im 21 years old and also a slim guy but not so skinny. Lol. I dont do upper
workout as of now because it will be awkward to have big upper body with
skinny legs.

I did this and when it was my first time with 10lbs dumbells on each hand,
this almost broke me. I felt lower back pain and severe head ache (high
blood). I rested for 1 week due to leg pain, trauma, and etc. But now, here
I am again. 🙂 Thank you sir! No cheating! Haha.

Keder Cormier says:

I really loved your clip… I’m excited I am a subscriber to your channel

vator exca05 says:

will this work my ass muscle to??

John Pinkney says:

appreciate the effort and the inspiration that Coach Kozac but into this
video. Thank You :)

Atsuku Planetes says:

I love training, but does anybody know what are the special advantages of
doing this training?
It’s great if you could share your knowledge with me.

I personally believe it’s for speed and stamina…..and coordination to
some extent. 

youfes joseph says:

Hi All , I’m 17 Year Old Boy and I love this workout cause when i do this
exercices i really feel the pain in my legs then I feel that my dream is
comming very soon , don’t worry if u can’t walk after this training but
just remember that your dream will not Achieve if u don’t work for it 😉
*** NO PAIN = NO GAIN ***
Don’t Wish For It , Work for it 😉 

hector medina says:

Best motovation on the Internet

Geo Ramer says:

Holly smoke, those 10 min were exhausting
; Thanks

GasgGuitar says:

How many times a week I can do this?

Alexander Smith says:

Wow, this is an amazing workout. Just got done doing this and it’s amazing,
feel it everywhere.

dogg91702 says:

How many times should you do this a week?

Jack Russel says:

This is the best motivational video with excercises i’ve seen!!!! you kept
me moving and i wanted to surrender, your motivation is gigantic!!!

Hlios doudim says:

This workout is brilliant. I am doing it for 6 monthes and the results are
more than satisfactory!

Mustafa Kaid says:

You absolutely killed my legs , i am not sure if i would be able to walk
tomorrow. GREAT VIDEO

GSPxRUSH says:

Favorite leg routine you just need to add more calves in this exact routine
and it’ll be perfect

VPotato IV. says:

Loving the constant motivational speech he has going on.

thisisrainerstein says:

This is the first time i did leg work since I broke my foot, it was tougher
than I remembered but Im glad my legs are getting back into shape! thanks
Coach Kozak! +HASfit 

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