Home Chest Workout How to Get a Big Chest at Home Without Weights PUSH UPS WORKOUT

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Home Chest Workout How to Get a Big Chest at Home Without Weights PUSH UPS Workout
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A variation on a 1 arm pushup that you will really love. If you are having trouble getting connected to your chest, then, do this before your bench press routine or substitute this with a few more sets as a complete chest workout. These pushup were developed by Victor Costa, Credited as One of the top trainers in the the World.
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vicsnatural says:

Official Post from Victor Costa – Please join me for posts and my
Inspirational Stories on my Facebook page. Hope you enjoy this one. Peace,

Advyse says:

Hey, I’m a 5’9′ 135 Pound 13 year old. Is it even possible get good pecs at
my age? I was just wondering and I really hope you can respond :D

tomzablee says:

I’m trying but it seems to be putting strain on my shoulders instead of my
chest :/

xSinn0hx says:

If you wanted to make this a work out in itself, how many sets would you

Danny Sexbang says:

This is awesome, thanks!

sbz1234 says:

Hey thanks for the advice wolverine. Im gonna give this a try for a month
and see how it goes

teh Fuzeey says:

Nice vid Vik i have joined a rugby team because i love the sport but im
alot more skinny i am 15 should i do this?

Basilis Niotis says:

Can I get big chest in one month? 

Cameran Rimmer-Hernandez says:

Hey man question how many reps and sets should I do and how many days a
week in trying to get progress for football in my upper body ??? 

Rumpo Dorshog says:

I just sold my whole weight training equipent, bench bar and 100kg or so of
weights and already regret it. Was jsut looking in the mirror and I look
puny :(. Can I sitll somehow get a good body with no weights at all? Dips
on side counter for instance? Would I reach diminsihing returns after a
point? I can only trian alone since no friends/recluse but I had problems
even with the bar since it was dangerous for me going over 50kg didnt wanna
be a barbell guillotine victim. Id love a full routine with no weight that
sitll allowed me the room to get big. Can it be done?

Iyke Mbala says:

Tried this and it was great, thank you.

Tony Sayavong says:

You are ripped bro

Jake Guerrero says:

you can start weight lifting at the age of thirteen but lift weights that
you’re body can handle example if 5 pounds is too easy for you just go for
ten pounds if you can lift it with ease Arnold from the movie terminator
started at 13 and he’s damn tall and beefy with muscles man!! don’t want
that kind of muscles haha.

Spencer Deakin says:

this is bloody effective… cheers mate 🙂 

Jonathan Casanas says:

if you wanna be able to do this, then try this, vic UR AWESOME LOL

ÀnǻŜs Ŝǻlhi says:

Hi ! i have broken my elbow when i was little,after that within 6 mounths
it got back to normal my elbow is fine,but whenever i do push ups i hear a
click in my elbow so i stop.can you recommend another way for chest workout
please !!
Thank you

lirim mucolli says:

Hello i am kinda 185cm(6ft) tall and i weight 69kg(92pounds) i am 16 years
old so i dont know do u think i would make progress in 3 months and can i
do this workout every day or do i need to do pauses?

Mayank Bhardwaj says:

Hi i am a teenager and i’m not able to do the standard pushups can you help
me suggesting which push ups should i do i usually do need knee pushups and
i want great biceps too

Abdullah Hadidi says:

Can i fix chest imbalance with that trick?
Peace ;)

rajiv joon says:


Stef Games says:

I’m 12 years old and i want to know if i can build my chest on my age
please help me

Deadmenanx says:

Best exercise to isolate the chest!!

Ak videoBuzz says:

2:50 …Will it work, If I pretend it too ?….that I did 10 reps. as

Hafiz Hanim says:

Good tutorial

Armaan Malik says:

now my chest is 33 inch i want to grow up 39 inch in 1 month what type of
workout i do to grow rapidly

Aj Greene says:

Man, great technique. Instantly feel it in my chest after the first set! I
recommend people max out when doing these! Great vid . Thank you! 

Andreas Taskow says:

Dude your chest workout is so awesome. Im doing these push ups for 1 month
right now and i added about 2 kg muscles for this period. I want to say
that im just 14 years old. Thx mate

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