Insane Home Chest Workout

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Do NOT go to the gym before you watch this video:

What’s up Sixpackshortcutters! Today I’ve got an awesome workout for you that will work your entire chest. This is a great workout to do if you want to blast out that chest, and it’s also a great way to work your chest at home in just a few minutes.

Here’s the breakdown:
Standard (15 reps)
Wide (15 reps)
Wide: hands pointing out (15 reps)
Close (15 reps)
Hopping (15 reps)
Alligator Crawls (15 reps)

How to put it all together: do all the exercises with the reps I laid out above, and this will be one round. Do THREE ROUNDS to complete the entire workout!

I demonstrate the form for these exercises in the video. Be sure that you’re doing the exercises that I demonstrate them so that you stay safe, and so the exercises are effective for getting you ripped.

Hope you liked the workout! Drop a comment below to let me know how you did.

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Train hard,


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Patrick Medley says:

This is harder than i thought it would be @_@

Tevin Penn says:

liu kang !?!?!

Mikkel Laugesen says:

Someone plz plz help me?! I am 14 years old, and every time i’m hyped for
some training and i get started, my bones start making wierd noises. i’m a
little skinny, but most of my body is pure muscles. I have no trouble with
doing push-ups normally, but everytime my elbows, knees or even shoulders
makes that wierd sound, i get soooo demotivated. Anybody got some idea why
this is happening? Btw i have been growing a lot lately, because i’m 14…
dont no if that could make an impact? If u got just a tiny idea of what
could be wrong, i would highly appreciate your oppinion.

Le boy says:

i can only do one round.

Sebastiano Giansiracusa says:

every night I practice workout: I lift my ass off the couch and go to bed

InJeansWords says:

Guys, if this is too much, do 8-10 reps of each, and scratch off the
jumping and the alligator pushups. Do them all 3 times. His workout is too
intense even for the average person capable of doing pushups. The goal is
to get a good workout not to pop your forehead veins. Oh and if you are a
teen, it gets better. I couldn’t do one pushup when I just turned 14. Now
at 20 y/o, I can do 40 pushups nonstop which is awesome. You can do even
more by when you are 20. Look, start with girl pushups. Do 5 sets of 10
girl pushups every 2 days for 3 weeks. After that, start doing 5 sets of 5
normal pushups. After that point you keep getting better and better. One
thing you learn as you grow is that it’s better to improve NOW, than
thinking “I should’ve”, or you’ll always keep saying that you should’ve and
never accomplish your goals. Good luck!

Thisispow says:

The close ones are too hard!!!!

Supervillain says:

I’m literally a skeleton. Will it work or do I have to get fat first?

Austin Hawker says:

I’m 12 and did 1 set. That stuffs really hard

sam milaki says:

this was one of the best pumps i have ever had thanks so much

Samee B says:

I managed 2 rounds of 10 each. You are really motivational though. Another
great video! 

Zomb RiseRise says:

I started to see results after one month and a few days

Eminentbeats says:

I did three rounds of

Ryder Sku says:

i used to do 180 in total with 40 and 30 reps but i think this workout is
waaay better

MrDarkoniate says:

IF we use only this way to Work out chest, how long do we need to so this
before seeing results? 

dpeach200 says:

Well i beat every one cause i’m only 10 and i can do 1000 push ups in 1
minutes non stop, with my feet up in the air, and a hot blonde sitting on
my neck. but thats not the best part, i can do all that after having beaten
usaine bolts time, i ran it in 6 secondes, and after running a marathon,
and swimming the channel.

Addiel Gutierrez says:

I did 6 rounds. Thanks Mike Chang! This had helped me. And it works!

Bernadette Vasquez says:

Too much bull shit

Eiad Mohamed says:

Damn i couldnt do 5 ..btw im 12 yrs

To ta says:

Love You Bro.
May Lord Make You Mr.Universe 

Dylan Jaxson says:

hi great tutorial but i want to know which pushups will hit my lower

BrateTebra123 says:

Can you build a body like his only at home with dumbells?

Frazer Gayapersad says:

Great workout, really challenging.

josh jhonson says:

@six packs shortcut I did all the way too 2nd round 

Nadim Islam says:

Wow that was hard, but fun, on the last alligater push up thing, I found
myself slipping on my own sweat!

adrian landa says:

This is hard if you make it hard

xantiherox says:

I’m retarded and I find this offensive.

Rajan K says:


Lozinsky Eric says:

I’m 15, and I just did all 5 of the forms. 15 reps each. Damn bro. I’m
dying right now, its gonna be a while before I can do 270 pushups…. 90
for today, you made me feel like crap. Keep up the videos though :)

Reggie Smith says:

TOUGH. Thanks for the workout!

andrew scheyle says:

ive tried it and i can do some push up but this is it! never felt i couldnt
do another one 😀 never had an exercice that work on the inside of the
chest and this does… i loved the vid and will keep working on it so i can
do 3 round each 10 per but for now i just keep going till my max and expand
that limit of me ;)

Pro Gamer says:

so fucking hard no homo lol great workout

Antony Kessy says:

I like all that kind of simple chest and i wll start in soon. Hv a good

wesley12wesley says:

Is it ok to try and do this everyday for a month as like a challenge to
yourself ?

Phillip Humphries says:

It’s funny cause right as he says, if you fall out on your face…I fell
out on my face right before he said that….This is crazy, but wow do I
feel it

Elson Jessy says:

How many times by week we should do that?
Tanks for all the videos that you share with us.

Dancingmafias says:

I only did two rounds

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