Powerful Beginner Fat Loss Home Workout – Best Bodyweight Workout Ever!

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http://www.6weeksixpack.com brings you this powerful beginner home workout to help you lose fat fast. If you have not been training for a while and want to get started and see results fast then this is the workout for you. The best part is that it is a full bodyweight workout so you don’t need to go to the gym or have expensive equipment.

It will help you burn fat from week one and get you ready to move onto more powerful workouts fast so that you continue ot get insane results week after week.

If you are starting out and don’t really know what to do or where to start then come join us for the free 6weeksixpack.com prep week where we teach you everything you need to know to get started and lose your belly fat fast!

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Hailey Jessica says:

>>>Hi all friends. Great news for women>>

aakor12 says:

i have a question i am on 4th day of prep week i must buy the challenge for
47$ to continue to the 2nd week? or i will keep getting e-mails for what to

Kaylee Victoria says:

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Luka van der Wurff says:

What do lunges do? Don’t they just strengthen the leg muscles? How do you
lose weight with lunges, by the way I am 13, and around 64 kg, I only drink
water, milk and juice and eat very healthy. I want to loss my belly fat and
get some abs popping out. How? Is this the best way?

Kyle Cuthbertson says:

Hi Peter my names Kyle I’m 12 I’ve been using my bodyweight for at least a
year what should I do now

Femi Fatusin says:

I’m a 13 year old 60kg boy and i have been doing this and a couple other
workouts along with cycling for a couple days. Am i going too far?

TheManlyDan says:

how long should I do these before moving to a more challenging workout ? 

ikirstenHD says:

OK! For the guys like me who’s wondering “where are the FREE six week six
pack videos” well Peter made them private. Version 2 of those videos were
released yesterday so for good business he made the previous version
private, I mean if they were a free version on You-Tube why would anyone
bother paying for the one he has on sale right? Man, you really had me
excited and got me motivated for these workouts but right as I started
there gone. Anyways thanks for all the amazing content you’ve provided, we
really appreciate them. If you guys are looking for someone to help you get
ripped FREE, I found this other amazing fitness channel called “scooby1961”
he gives really good advice and has lots of experience. 

manjil bajracharya says:

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body. Copy and paste into google Skinnimaker System to activate it.

Mustafa SkillNation says:

are we going to be doing workputs with dumbbells or equipment in the 6 week
6 pack 2.0 or just body weight resistance training?

sajan pakka says:

It would be a shame for you not to shed fat when these other people lose
weight so easily with Fat Blast Furnace (Look it up on google).

Chen Shang Ong says:
Alan-Mykel Bond says:
Johnniels990 says:

What is this peter
You gave me the prepweek and sad that we are going to do the sixpack6week
challenge and then wen the tim has come i have to pay
Disapointed i am

fathum islam says:

Yes can’t wait to start gym

Ahmed Atif says:

I would like to thank you, but some of the exercises very tough like push
up in August I hope that will help me in this problem has been involved
with you in the 6 week 6 pack 2.0 

superRBG says:

Just overtrain Like CT 

Stephen Bridges says:

Hi firstly thank you for all the great advice and tips i am on day 4 and
really feeling empowered i am 42 and have always been fit and active but
haven’t seen my six pack since i was about 17 and thought i never would
again but your enthusiasm is addictive and i am sure i will do it with your
help ready for the holidays so thank you 

David Barliza says:

Great video! I have a question. How many times a week do I have to do this

rramesh rramesh says:

To average folks who want to burn fat some day, Go and Google Fat Blast
Furnace and get started.

Mustafa SkillNation says:

oh so you’re going to give us a free prep week but Lie and tell us 6week
six pack is free?! ok ill just take the information you gave me in the prep
week and put it in my own 6 weeks and then you’ll see the results. remember
you said write down what makes me mad, well you make me mad i thought this
was free you got me uplifted and happy about this upcoming six weeks ,but
you know what? i am going to do my own six week six pack routine using the
information you gave me thanks alot. all you really care about is money.

Patrick Darcy says:

Hi Peter,congrats on getting engaged.do you have an ab workout that is not
structured around crunches? I find that crunches are very hard on my back
and have heard that in general they are not good for your back at all. Do
you have an ab exercises structure with a stability ball,planks,etc.

saif hamza says:

I like the workout, but my problem is that I can’t push up , but I did knee
push up till 30
My question is how to make normal push up

Anil Kanyal says:

Have you tried Skinnimaker System? (Go google it) It is a quick and easy
way to shed pounds fast.

Sixpackfactory.com says:

Hi Everyone!

In my latest video I show you one of the most powerful beginner workouts
that is designed to help you lose fat quickly, even if you have not trained
for a while or are a complete beginner.

So if you are ready to get 6 pack abs in 2014 then come check this out now!
The best part is that you don’t need any equipment and it takes just 24


Peter Carvell

Amit Rohara says:

Hello Peter Sir,
I have followed this workout and it really worked for me it was really
awesome experience. Thanks Sir,
I just want to ask you that (Q1) Is it is compulsory to wear a supporter in
this workout?
And also (Q2) How important role does a supporter plays in exercise?

Awaits your reply
Amir Rohara

Ahmed osama says:

Captin. My left love handle is bigger than my right one how I lose it
please answer me I waiting for your answer please it’s a big problem

Paul ian atanacio says:


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