Sitel hiring 100 agents to work from home and more!

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Sitel is hiring 100 agents to work from home. Apply online here
American Support
1NW Contact
Check out some USB headsets here

Join the Smart Panel today and earn $5 when you qualify and $10 for the first week and $5 every month you have it installed here

Sites that will pay you cash daily

You can ask me a question here at Workersonboard Ask & Answer here or send me a questionable work at home job opportunity via email at
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Workersonboard says:
Bobby90 says:

Actually, for the music study, they *ARE* looking for people in the
Minneapolis area. 

FindingMyHomestead Kristin Z says:

hey your hair looks amazing. Thanks for the updates. Great as usual.
Someday I will be able to give you a progress report lol

Keke Houston says:

With your help I just got hired with seasonal!!! The whole
process took about 3 weeks and I start the end of this month. They do
provide headset and other equipment in case others want to apply and tell
them I sent you!

Krystal MIlls says:

I like your hair! You look great! Thanks for the post.

terra.w says:

I work for Sitel and I love it. I am on the TRU campaign. This is one of
the better wah companies!


can you help me get a non phone job 

Luvmetru629 says:

I was hired by Sitel to start on the 13th of November. Thanks so very much
Alicia you’re the!!!

Judith Linden says:

Wow! Nice look for you I look the braids.Thank you for all the great

Betty Stephens says:

I was just wanting to let you know that Sitel is not a good company to work
for they do provide you with all the equipment you need but it does not
work half the time and they make you go through a training class at three
weeks that the training class does not give you all the training you will
need when you start production after production they just throw you in
there not knowing what to do and with no one to help you and toys r us from
working with them with sitel are basically taking a lot of people’s money I
just wanna let you know how Sitel really is

kristen brandon says:

Thank you for all of the awesome information! However, when I went to click
on the link for Smart panel, it took me to a page for survey spot? I wasn’t
sure if you were aware of this.

SCPJones08 says:

Do you know if Sitel has part time positions? I currently have a full time
job but I would like to earn more money as well.


thanks for responding to my question…..Have a Bless week

luispedro ponce says:

Do you Know any jobs outside the USA in customer service or something
Thamk you .

Martinique Austin says:

What was the website that the work at home job fair is going to take place?
I would like to register and attend. Thanks Alicia.

Mindy Collier says:

You look really nice today! Love your new hair! Thanks for all that you do.

Veronica H says:

Just courious to what kind of work do you do?

Michelle Peoples says:

Hello Alicia, I am VERY interested in working from home but I have 1yr old
daughter who I’m a full-time mom to. I live in Michigan and was wondering
are there any non-phone work from home jobs in my state? I have experience
in a call center, and also data entry is what I would love to do! So please
help. Thanks SSSOOOO much!

tyiggy12 says:

You look so pretty Alicia. 

Sharla Harmon says:

Hi Alicia,
Do you know of any jobs that doesn’t require a certain mbps of high speed
internet? I am very limited to different internet companies in my area.

Susan Murray says:

I love your hair style! you look great!

ninabtha1 says:

When you signed up, did you Regis using the A&R option? 

Joe Santacruz says:

Hi Alicia. I am an American living in Poland and I really need/want a job
online. I tried your music listening recommendation and a couple of your
data entry sites, but haven’t gotten anything. I have sale/customer service
years of experience and I am very fluent in Spanish. Since your very
knowledgeable about the topic maybe you can further help me. I am willing
to send you over my resume, f that’s the case. Thanks.
Joe Santacruz

latisha pierre says:

Hi my name is Tatiana and I’m from Trinidad can you help me find a job?

Letonya Ross says:

Hey I watch your videos on the regular and thanks to you I’ve been working
for Teletech Holdings Inc, for a year now. Thank you 

Kesia Dixon says:

Does anyone know how much sitel pays?

Adrian Evans says:

Thanks for information. I like new hair style, look good on you.

BelleoftheBall2night says:

I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! WOW!! YOU look younger with this hair style and
happier. I also have a natural hair style it sure will help your hair

archana roy says:

Hey there!! The link to the app is not working.can u give me the name of
the App.

India Diana says:

Just an update. I was hired on with Sitel! Yay! They sent all the equipment
I needed, except for the computer(i.e. telephone, headset, etc). Everyone I
talked to during the hiring process sounded very nice and helpful. Thanks
so much Alicia for sharing these work at home jobs. Im excited to be
starting a new career path of working from home, something I’ve always
wanted to do! Thanks again for sharing! :-)

I'mSoFab31 says:

Hi Alicia! Are there any medical work from home openings that you know of?

Billy James says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Yanka r says:

girl no shade but it is the end of 2014 i thought by now you would have a
clearer camera to record youtube videos (no more old pc webcam) lol come
on gurlie 

Priscilla R says:

I just got hired with Sitel working from home. Training starts Monday
morning. The on-boarding process was so easy. All you need is a high
speed connection. They sent all equipment needed to me.

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