Six Pack? Intense Home Ab Workout – ONLY 5 Minutes Long

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What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?


Phạm Tuấn Anh says:

What is the song

And yes not Darude Sandstorm or any kind of storm

USuckUWannaBeMe says:

Hi how long would it take to get a six pack if I do This 2 times a day with
a right diet and 3 months straight 

Vantom Channel says:

it was very helpful for me , thank you ,KEEP IT UP.

Sandeep Shrestha says:

How much time will it take for 6 pack abs to come … i have lean body 68
kg weight
I had been doing it from 6 months now :)

SilverStackerKid says:

Thanks man. I really appreciate this. My abs are coming in now. I usually
do bout 2-3 sets of this. I really apreciate it. You really helped me man.

Navre Dot says:

+Brendan Meyers seriously dude, you are the best! I just did week 3 day 1
of ur ab program and man, it is so friggin hard. And you call that
intermediate lol. My abs are killing me dude.

Cheers and Keep doing what you do

Fyte says:

Plank crunches are solid bro gave me some good workout ideas 

Joseph Anthony says:

+Brendan Meyers what is the best way to lose belly fat? Does jogging help a

Rhaegar Targaryen says:

Can you say Greek god?

Anastasia Kinkusic says:

does this really work? :D

Magic Mike says:

How much time did it take you to get in that shape?

Yusuf Imran says:

this thing is awesome and a killer! Hey man, thanks. Appreciate it :)

Elmer John Mahinay says:

i still have little fat’s on my stomach is this really help me to gain


After 9km run this is soooo hard

Gökhan eren says:

How many days after evident for starters?

endri profka says:

Hi bro,is it ok if i do this ab workout daily and dont switch it up for
like 3-4 months?I just want to get in shape fast,nice video!!!

em esmin says:

best workout 🙂 and awesome name

Tyrus says:

Hey man, respect for replying to every comment. Nice work out, you have
inspired me to do these home exercises. Keep up the positive work you’re
sharing with the world. Thanks

The Rusted Pixel says:

Thanks for this mate. My abs routine was really starting to stagnate. I can
only do legs and abs day as I have chronic brutitis and tendonitis which
cuts out a huge amount of stuff. Your videos are the only things keeping me

Neil Sharma says:

Hey these are great! Been doing one of your 5-min ab workouts every day for
the past two weeks.

Got a workout or any killer stretches to work on my leg flexibility for the
toe touches? I’ve never been able to straighten em my entire life.

XxJumpStopxX270 says:

This is great ☺ my ex gunna be sorry

James Partee says:

Dude your so ripped dayum

dushyanth juluri says:

VERY Effective can anybody plz tell me how often am i supposed to do these

WoW says:

Can I do it in bed?

Lenjie Vidal says:

By looking at you, encourages me to work out more. :P

Nick Shady says:

I’m so glad I found this video becouse I’ve been doing these workouts 3
times a day and it’s been a month and I’m getting results already 

paih zulpa says:

+Brendan Meyers Thanks to your workout program i got shredded chest right
now but for the abs i still got belly fat around my tummy, does by doing
this abs wourkout will at the same time give me six pack and remove my fat
or i need to remove the fat first?

Jagpreet Kang says:

This workout was intense I just started with ur vid today it was amazing

Antonio Bravo Alvarez says:

Hey man, great workout, i ve just started doing it! But I have one
question: My abs are actually visible, but they have a weird shape,
everytime I put a t-shirt on they maje me look like I ve got a fat stomach,
like if I drinked too much beer! I tried to compesate it working hard on my
chest, which has grown a lot since then, but my abs still look so curved.
Do you know why is this happening, and what could be a good solution?

xAikidx says:

Hi, can I do this exercises every day? :)

aj lamotte says:

You got a bicep and chest workout vid? If so, please let me know ;)

Kevin Jourdan says:

Hi Brendan, i just came across your videos and i must say they are pretty
intense and helpful. However, i wanted to ask you if for exercises such as
the scissor and crunches, can we place our hands under our lower backs
instead of behind our heads? Will this get in the way of the workouts?

M3rouf Karkajieh says:

I’m 36 kilograms 149 centimeters and I’m 14 years old how much does it take
to get the abs and how many times I have to do it in a week

yahoo911emil says:

Yo,i did like half of insanity and drop my weigh off from 220 to 165, I
sill have some fat left on my stomach is it okay if i do this??? Dont want
to start all over again with insanity so ye

Dishant Kamal says:

I am having upper abs..but they are not so much visible
..nd little bit side fat…so how much time it will take to gain proper
shape…nd in a many days should i do this.?? i used to do
abs workout regularly… But for no use… tell me what 2 do…

Fahd Rabhi says:

how much time to get abs with those exercises ?

Jere Turunen says:

hi. im 13 year old boy and i weight 63.8 kilo’s. i got fat becouse i had to
a knee surgery and that took 9 months to heal. and in 2 months im going to
a new knee surgery for my other knee so does anyone have tips for me to
lose weight and get a six pack btw i have never aten vegetables and i dont
know how to get off from sugar addiction i quess you can call it like that
but yea can anyone help me?

master pogi says:

im bruno mars? hahahah

NLcarlos says:

Perfect! Just did one set and feel them burning like crazy 🙂 How many sets
of this per day Brendan?

Carolyn Munich says:

I like your hair way better without the mohawk.

Tom Brookes says:

Hey Brendan, nice work! Been having a go at these workouts as soon as I
found you a couple of weeks back.

One question though, why am I feeling lower back pain/ache when doing these
ab workouts?
Weak back? Are there certain exercises to improve this? 

Vijay Mohan says:

Best workout

Federico GraE says:

Its great! Thx

Jacob Wilson says:

Cheers man. This was really useful. I am going to the gym and my arms and
shoulders are getting big and I used to have a little stomach. Now I’ve got
a mint as six pack. Thanks to you!

ファロンクレア says:

But first i need to get fat

TheOsh18 says:

Hi, why do I only have a 6 pack when I tense? Would doing this exercise
make my 6 pack more noticeable without tensing? And also I eat well but do
I need to go on a diet to achieve a 6 pack? Thanks


will definetly try this

Castor TroyRO says:

Started doing the ABS workouts, they are fun !! Deep respect for responding
to every comment on the youtube video. Never Stop ,GL :)

Henry Jones says:

How long till we should change around the exercises cause ure body gets
used to it?

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