A Day in the Life- Social Worker

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Final Video Project for Amy Dugenske. An interview with Family Skills Specialist- Amanda Dugenske.


✞Prettyidoll "ALL BOUT MAKEUP" ! ✞★ says:

How much does a social worker get paid in Minnesota ? @nyone know?

christina pena says:

Crooked cps workers don’t talk about the hidden money

Melissa Thomas says:

I’m just starting my MSW. Great video, thanks for sharing! 

Enchanteralle says:

Yes seriously, the pay is so low, it’s easy to get burned out. Need to
watch out for compassion fatigue. Thanks for sharing.

Sparky says:

Thanks hun, really helpful video.

LIFElistener says:

Thank you for sharing. This is really helpful.

savedwiseandyoung preachmen says:

Great video!!!!!!!!!!

Ife Nwabuoku says:

Why do social workers get paid so little? Every social worker should be
earning around 45,000 to 70,000 dollars.

diamonds__ says:

Thank you so much, I’ve been thinking about going into social work for
awhile now just like you 🙂 

ithinkmoistaken says:

Thank you. This is amazingly helpful.

Elizabeth Garber says:

Wow! your amazing.

Lily Norris says:

couldn’t agree with you more.

Alex Hunter says:

Pick social worker. the world could always use more of those. and we all
kno that sometimes psychologists dont help.

tha614 says:

thanks helped a lot!!!!!

19jet92 says:

thanx helpful video

Francisco Lopez says:

thanks so much!

Bambi Babes says:

How long do you have to study?

Serenity O. says:

Why do social workers get paid so little for the work that they do? Not

Mary Preiss says:

This is something.

Caribbean2DiWorld says:

Also do you have any suggestions regarding selection of high school courses
that may benefit students heading into College or University?


wow! totally awesome video i really do appreciate you making this video. i
really want to be a social worker but im lost idk what to do to
pregress…im already in college working on my AA but i want to be as ready
as i can…u know?

stacy scott says:

Wonderful job!

James Solis says:

I agree with most of the guys here, she’s cute.

MsCali112 says:

It doesn’t take a genius to understand family functioning or how they
brought up. And you don’t have to be a parent either to advocate for those
who can’t! By the way I love this video I am majoring in SW

James Alizee says:

Amanda is beautiful 🙂

a999op says:

@1100dantheman What about the children who are dealing with child abuse?

TheEdisse says:

great video ty

LadyBug3314 says:

I love this vid, I want to be a Social Worker (MSW) degree!!! I’m not quite
sure what type, maybe Children & Families, I’m not sure. Thank you so much
for sharing!!! 🙂

Pearl Bayne says:

thanks for sharing this.

Shanda Smith says:

thank you so much for posting this! I am looking into changing my major to
human services or social work and this is helping me to sway my decision is
a really good way. the info you gave just made me all the more passionate
about helping people in a constructive way! Thanks!

Claretta Davenport says:

haha.thank you!

Pyrrhic Victory says:

Very informative video. Just wondering can anyone tells me the different
types of social work/social worker? I know some of them work with children,
others work with the elderly, some work in clinics, and etc. What are their
job titles?

canditamaria11 says:

thanks for this video it help me aloit to since im thinking of becoming a
social worker too!

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