GTA 5 – How To Bookmark Any Job In the Social Club Website

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Linus (Feskefan) says:

why can’t i choose wich type of mission/race i wanna do ?

Tom Cushnie says:


BurnInHell98 says:

Cant find tbe race

MfourCQB Hobbiest says:

I am looking for Chemical Extraction bookmarked, its a good paying job and
quick with a tank. Anyone help me out? RockSt*r took it off the mission
list! D*cks

Nickw00t says:

For people who don’t know how to do it with custom content: You have to go
to the filter where it says “R* verified and then change it 

Ramdan Kids And Gaming says:

How do you restart gta so that you can have the job but not lose my rank
and Ro

CrAzZyM0nK3Y97 says:

I can’t find the mission: Deal Breaker!

宋沛恒 says:



It says that my gt is GlobalPine20596 but it’s X AWESOME BEN then wat do I

mark morales says:

Why does mine keep saying "mission not found"

Даниил Баранов says:

I’m i can join normal deathmatches,not player created? -_-

alvin minas says:

thank you

Mr I Know Everything says:

I like that you even had answers to the comments as well man. Nice work
man. Thanks alot too. I just needed to know how you make it so the mission
doent say mission not found!


How do u get ur account to get on cause my account will not work, respond
plz man

Jesus Garcia says:

how do you link your psn account to social club need help 

Michael Sørensen says:

Is it possible to make playlist with the contact jobs.I can make a playlist
on the social club with everything else but contact jobs? I dont get it…

Javan Quimby says:

Thank u 

Roblo505 says:


jacob michael says:


Iced Zoomz says:

Guys do the same thing for playlists just to start it go to playlists! :)

ByeTo TheGallows says:

whats wrong with your fucking voice dud holy shot

Jacko Origins says:

How the heck do u search

Ramdan Kids And Gaming says:

Can you repond please

hinckleyfox1 says:

thanks for reminding meand everyone else going to have a lot of fun

Villager Boy says:

Dude this only teaches us how to do it with verified how do you do it with
user created content?

Bigga Splash says:

I’m on the phone app though 

trent Williams says:

How do u transfer

TheFearthedark says:

hey guys can anyone help me? when i search for jobs it only shows the first
20 jobs i can’t get past 17-20 anyone knows what i have to do?

Harm Liebreks says:

i dont know how to search by names 

NucleaR Clan says:

This helped soooooo much you just earned a sub

evaristo medina says:

mine says mission not found for the races I created and it says no
translation what do I do.

EffectsModding Team says:

Thank You So Much Needed That <3

Luke Saunders says:

It says none bookmarked help please

Riley Hill says:

This don’t happen to me 

Unknown Horror says:

Change the filters 

Ryan Pearre says:

it says mission not found whenever I click a link in another video for
every one


if u acctuly have to be fuckng level 75 for rooftop rumble im stabing my
self for real

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