Is a Master’s of Social Work Program for You?

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Me talking a little about the application process to get into an MSW program, misconceptions people have about Social Work and other “penny for your thought” advice.


Tamar C says:

Thanks so much for this video! I am a high school senior, and was inspired
to do social work by my foster sisters. However, I am really interested in
being a NICU social worker! Would getting a bachelor’s and master’s in
Social Work be the right path? Also I am looking to attend school in
Maryland in the future, maybe sophomore year, I am currently in PA. I like
MD and have researched that it has many social work opportunities.

James Kelly says:

Thanks for emphasizing the importance of studying both the micro and macro
sides. I’m increasingly interested in the macro/public health side but also
want to be able to be a case manager counselor etc. It seems kindof a
bummer that the 3 MSW schools in Boston im applying to (BU BC Simmons) all
seem to force your hand a bit by either making you concentrate in micro or
macro (or in Simmons case, focus nearly exclusively on micro). I’m hoping I
can specialize in Macro at BU or BC and still take enough classes to have
strong micro competencies. Wonder if people in MSW programs find themselves
frustrated by being forced from the start to concentrate on one aspect
rather than learn both and and concentrate more on one side in the second
year. Part of me wants to return to Chicago ur shoutout to the growing need
for social work there making me thing about my old hometown (sentimental

Melissa Thomas says:

Tamar C, I can’t reply to your comment so I’ll just post here. An MSW is
the route for working in the NICU as a social worker. I would tell you if
you’re sure you want to do social work then yes, do your Bachelors on
social work! I did mine in Sociology, and while I loved my experience I
realized when I was applying for my Masters if I had gotten my BS in social
work I would have been ahead in classes and been E to pursue an extended
learning option. Good luck!

Linda Christopher says:

Your video was very informative. Thanks 

Rodman Hodges says:

I’m working on a BSW right now at University and I will do my MSW too! your
speaking is amazing, it makes me feel much confident on my future job
career! thank you so much!

Sasha Li says:

Thank you so much for this video! I finished my bachelor degree in
sociology and psychology in the UK in summer 2014 and working on
applications for a counselling-related master’s in the US. Your video
definitely cleared up some myths! I’m wondering though, like you said many
school don’t care about GRE much, I do notice that they instead place a
great emphasis on working experiences. Are there many mature students in
MSW class who come in with loads working experiences on hands? Does it help
to take two to three years out and work at non-profit org? I feel that it
will help prepare me better for what awaits me in MSW but I am not sure,
and this hesitation really drags my application process down. will really
appreciate your help! xx

Gabbz Taylor says:

Me talking a little about the application process to get into an MSW
program, misconceptions people have about Social Work and other “penny for
your thought” advice. 

Claudia Alexandre says:

If I get my bachelor’s in criminology, can I still get my masters in social
work ? 

FTG2008 says:

So if I get my bachelor’s in psychology I can get my masters in social work
if I choose to go that route?

Shannon Whittaker says:

This is such a great video. I am a junior in high school and I’ve always
wanted to be a social worker for as long as I can remember. This video
always helped my parents to know that being a social worker doesn’t mean
I’m going to be broke! Thank you so much and I love your hair #teamnatural

Phylicia Brazile says:

Very informative! Thanks for posting this video!

Alexandra Dutt says:

I currently am an undergrad at a school that does not have a social work
program. I started out in a different major (agriculture) and am a junior
so it is not realistic to change my major at this point but I do have
enough credits so I can graduate a semester early. Instead I am going to
take extra classes and get a minor. I am interested in possibly going for a
masters in social work but I know that agriculture is nothing like it. Is
there a certain subject area for a minor that you think would help me out
for getting in these programs?

Nicole Schanker says:

Thank you for this video! I’m in the middle of my application process. Im
about to graduate with a bachelors in Political Science, So I’ve been
worrying about not having a degree in Psychology. Should I be worried? Do
Universities look mostly at GPA? Or do they look at your Resume more? Also,
I was told to take a few years off between undergrad and grad school to get
more experience, does it matter? Sorry for all the questions!

nangamyatmon says:

Thanks a lot. It helps me a lot as I am thinking about going to apply for
msw. Please, share more on the topic. 

wolfbracker says:

Thank you for making this video. I am thinking about getting a degree in
social work and I was looking for more information on it. :)

Stephen Realiza Online says:

Great video! Thank you for taking the time to make this video! I was
wondering, besides internships, what relevant jobs or social work
experiences would you suggest while working on AA in sociology at a
community college before transferring to a university for BA in sociology?

Basem Abdelmonem says:

i just got Equivalency Determination Letter from The Council on Social Work
Education (CSWE) after successful evaluation for My foreign Bachelor’s
social work degree Credentials and be recognize in USA, I got it from
Egypt, my question is what should I do next step I’m new immigrant in USA
and I still suffering from language barriers (English as a second language)
also How long it’s going to take starting from pass language barriers until
I get My masters degree in any field related to social work plus get
License Practice and find a job . I live in California. I’m 29 , 

Quidra Truss says:

Such an awesome video! You opened my eyes to so much, and put words to some
of the feelings I already had! I am also living in the Chicagoland area,
and have been researching different MSW programs here. I was sort of
leaning toward UIC… Do you know much about this program? Thank you so
much for you wonderful information:)!

Keri Mac says:

I love your natural hair.. and thank you for this video !!!!!

Dinneka Dieudonnée says:

insightful info. btw i love love love your hair. 

TheFly1623 says:

I don’t know whether I want to just do counseling or actually be a social
worker. I am in my third year of college, towards the Bachelor of Social
Work. I really just want to help people. Your video makes social work sound
harder than I thought it would be for the Masters part, I didn’t even know
what a GRE is, I can’t quit school and I don’t really have a back up career
plan. Thank you for making the video. I don’t really have any questions. 

Caroline Alvarado says:

Thank you so much for this video! I’m currently an undeclared freshmen in
college but social work is definitely my number one choice at the moment.
You gave me a lot to think about and I wish you good luck in your field! 

pattygcakes87 says:

@ Gabbz Taylor, did you film this after you got your MSW? I see that you
are in Korea now and I am wondering what inspired you to do so now? I just
did that and now I am back in N.America applying for MSW programs. 

Jamilah Jones says:

I really loved your video! I only have a few more classes until I graduate
with a my undergrad in Business Industrial Organizational Psychology. I
chose this degree, because it provided me with knowledge in both business
and psychology, and has the potential of making me marketable in business
as well as anywhere else. However, my real passion is within
therapy/criminology. I am desperately trying to decide if I should apply
for a graduate degree in LPC or MSW, and I prefer taking courses online,
but as you mentioned it looks better obtaining a degree from the city you
plan to live within and pursue a career within. So I am now really trying
to decide what is the best thing for me to do. What do you think? 

Classy-N-Clever-4EVA says:

Great advice! I’ve been going back and fourth about whether or not it’s
worth it to get an MSW…your information and professional experience in
Social work is very helpful.

Brittaney Baker says:

Hi, I found your video really informative! I am currently deciding on which
grad school to apply to, where in Chicago did you decide to attend? Thank
you for making this video! 

glenn hicks says:

Come do social work in Atlanta, our city need more people like you.A Whole
lot more. 

Antoina Proctor says:

I have a question for you, I want to be a social worker, Ive always done
social work with my non-profit organization. I want to help people, I do
that now but Its my dream to help people from all walks of life at the
lowest point of their life, I love to see people rise above the worst of
the worst obstacles in their lives. social work is my passion its what
makes me smile. Okay but my question for you is this, ive been out of
school 12 years, right now im in school I have 24 credits, but Im trying to
see which On-line school is the best to go to? Is Kaplan University a good
on-line school to go to? or Devery University, they are accredited on-line
Schools but Im just not sure if I should do my undergrad through them, I
dont want to waste time if my degree wont mean anything. please let me

Sandra G. says:

Thanks for the video. I first learned what a social worker does (the total
micro, mezzo and macro work) in 2012. I wanted to go into the helping field
every since 2002. I often thought that an MSW program would be “easier”
than a Phd program, but I also understood that burn out can happen since it
is draining. Your video has helped me to put off applying for now. 

Gretchen Frank says:

This is such a great video. I am a recent graduate with my bachelor’s in
interior design who is considering going a different route with my career.
I want to help people. I love when you said being a social worker is being
an advocate for mental health. I am also living in the Chicago area. Any
advice for someone considering this field? This is an area that is
definitely worth my time looking into. Thank you! 

Zongxuan Wu says:

Thanks a lot. I am applying MSW in Australia. but your info still very
useful for me.

Mizz Tia says:

Thank you so much needed this

Sal Vohra says:

Thank You :)

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