Job Interview Tips | Social Work

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Hi guys here are some tips to help you prepare for an interview for a social worker role xx


sparklevlog says:

This was helpful to me as well as a future intern. I have three interviews
this week with various social work agencies and found your video at the
perfect time! Thank you for your help!

salonebabe2011 says:

Thanks for this great video. You are right on point with the tips you
provided. May God bless you for all you do, I know it not easy ,but you
seem very passionate about what you do. 

We Are anonymous says:

You should rethink your sad life before becoming a social worker

Jessica Wasilesky says:

I have an interview tomorrow and this helped me calm down a bit! Thanks!
Random but you are so pretty!!!! 

Solene Bauer says:

This was SO helpful! Thank you for this video – up until halfway through it
really calmed me down. After that it made me a tad nervous because I
haven’t really done that much research, but on the other hand I am so glad
you suggested it. 

Street Team says:

Do u have a facebook page?

Mizzbabyblue12 says:

I just graduated last week from the Social Work program. This video is very

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