Job Interviews Make Me Sick (Literally) | Social Anxiety Confessions

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Social Anxiety Confessions Episode 8!

If I Was Brave For A Day:

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CrashieBoo says:

I want, no NEED, a job but the whole “job interview” part makes me so
nervous. It’s really hard for me to talk to anyone and everytime I do I
feel like I’m going to die… 

discardmyfriends says:

I’m only 22 but I’ve already had over 15 job interviews. About half of them
were in person and half were on Skype. And only one of them was successful
(it wasn’t even a paying job, just experience I needed for college) jobs
seem to be impossible to get these days and it really sucks. Anyway, on the
topic of interviews, they definitely get easier the more you do them. Just
write out some questions you think they will ask and prepare some answers.
You’re always going to feel nervous no matter how experienced you are, but
it passes as soon as you start the interview. Just think of it as having a
conversation with a person who wants to know a little about you.

Taylor Tiffany says:

I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety 2 years ago but had it since high
school. Job interviews are the worst for me especially since I had my first
One this year at the age of 25. I never done job interviews before, just
knew someone and got hired on the spot. I get so much anxiety a couple of
days before the interview but I try to keep busy by doing any and
everything to keep my mind off. I do go over questions just to be prepared
but it really doesn’t work. The day of the interview is horrible. My palms
are sweaty, legs is constantly shaking, i feel like I have to vomit and
then I do. but anyway I try to stay focus and answer the question but I
find myself tripping over my words. Most of the interviews I have been on
are group interviews which just makes it even worst. On top of that I have
other issues I’m diagnosed with so it just doesn’t work. It really sucks
but I need a job. been out for 7 months today!

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