Just Graduated? How To Use Social Media to Find a Job

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Congratulations… You just graduated from College… Now WHAT!?

So you have a degree in your hand, your head is full of knowledge, and you are officially on the “job market.” You may find yourself sitting at your computer, staring at your resume, and thinking, “What now??” What should you do to move forward with your job search? What can you do to make employers look at YOUR resume? This may seem like a stretch, but using social networking sites like LinkedIn is a great way to start.

Here are 4 Tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

1. Tweak your Headline.
This space is prime real estate. You want to clearly explain YOU and your value. My headline says: “Recruiter at PrideStaff” because that’s what I am. If you aren’t currently working, you may have no idea what to put as your headline!
For example:
“Sports Marketing Graduate” — this obviously explains that you are a graduate in the sports marketing field

2. Update your Status and Activity.
Let your LinkedIn network know that you’re looking for a job and ask for their help. But, do not use your profile as a resume dump. It is very obvious when job seekers post their resume and then vanish.
Post things you are interested in to show off your personality. Find some great articles, post them, and get your network talking.
Comment on, Share and Like things your network is posting. This leads you to more connections, and puts your face and name right at the top of your network’s radar.

When employers are looking for great candidates, they want to see your personality. You are so much more than your resume! So show it!

3. Revisit your Summary. This is another great place to prove that you are more than just your resume. It may feel a little weird, but it OK to “brag” about yourself and your accomplishments. It is NOT OK to lie or stretch the truth.
Try an opening like this:
I recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Marketing from The University of Texas at Dallas. You will rarely find me without some type of sporting equipment in my hand. I love sports, and I love talking about sports.

Include industry-specific keywords like “sports, community, and marketing” to attract attention from the right types of employers. And please, list your contact information right in this section. There is nothing worse than an employer who likes your profile, but has no idea how to get in touch!

4. Do your homework.

Do a search for people on LinkedIn who have your dream job. What types of positions did they hold beforehand? Where did they start to get to where they are now? Learn all you can from the profiles of people who are successful in your line of work — use those ideas where they make sense in “your” profile.

And last, but certainly not least – Use a picture! Part of using LinkedIn is expressing yourself in a professional way. Employers want to see you! In a sense, LinkedIn is like your first interview. So keep the photo professional and presentable, just as you would be for an interview.

If you are a recent graduate looking to start a career, contact Pridestaff to help start your journey.


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