Mental health and Substance Abuse Social Workers Job Descrip

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Mental health and Substance Abuse Social Workers Job Description


clinicalpsychology22 says:

im excited that im going to school to become a mental health social so happy

mothersforjusticeAU says:

ive just recieved 2 certificates within this and let me tell you it is
hectic and unless you have had life issues yourself and overcome certain
things within life =forget being one,no person likes to speak to a textbook
junkie aka layman or someone with no real life problems of past,if someone
was to become a social worker id 1st have a very good look at WHY?as you
may end up being victim to projective identification or co-dependency

W3Ar31 says:

fuck off moron and ur?prob one with a dual diagnosis or trifecta someone
has to do the care path moron

Dennis Wee says:

@clinicalpsychology22 yeah me too im going to start training now. good luck
for me

a999op says:

You were abused when you were a kid. or retarded or something. then you got
taken away by a social worker and then you started crying for your mommy
and daddy.

ShilohNative says:

How intelligent lmao

vegan13star says:

Social Work is not for LAZY people. Before you comment on an entire
profession, maybe you should learn more about its roots, and perspective on
helping people. Psychology is the study of the human brain-cognition,
affect, mood, and behavior; whereas, Social Work is focused on HELPING
PEOPLE, organizing communities, and helping individuals to improve their
own lives.

DanaTheShill says:

@CamoVisions I did a video response here looks like Dana doesn’t like some
of her own meds LMAO

Justine Meonly says:

Hello. How are you doing now? I have just earned an A.A. in Psych with
emphasis on Alcohol and Substance Abuse and am transferring to a state
university for Pysch. I am most interested in being a clinician in the
substance abuse field working from a more helpful and effective perspective
that what I’ve seen in my internships. I’d like to hear what you and others
think about this subject. (after all these years loll)

Nuiceltico says:

Comments on U.S social workers based in a apparent medical hospital setting
are interesting ,more descrpition of the varied roles would
help:advocacy,brief counselling,budgetting,care and custody of children.

ShilohNative says:

social workers and mental health worker linked as being sequential let
alone professional. What a joke!!!! Social workers are incompetent
opportunists boobs when not practicing eugenics or kidnapping. Hey social
workers…if you want to be a psychologist try psychology!!!!counterfeits.

magla345 says:

i would like to know what can be done about persons promoting teen drug
abuse on youtube. any suggestions?

imapolishgal7 says:

i want to be a mental health sw too. im nervouse though!

a999op says:

You believe in people not getting help do you. I used to see a social
worker once a week she was really nice. Not all sw are bad.

angie55m says:

@clinicalpsychology22 really? what are your school requirements? do you
need a masters? or just a B.A? I am asking because I find this interesting
and i think i want to major in this.

W3Ar31 says:

fuck off moron and ur?prob one with a dual diagnosis or trifecta someone
has to do the care path moron…….someone has to bridge the gap that no
one else wants to get a real life and look at your own b-s issues

a999op says:

I’m going to become a socal no matter what any one says

sirnewansah says:

Thanks for this information. i’m gona beocome a mental health social worker.

ShilohNative says:

I know social work is an easy option for those who choose not to become
psychological proffesionals…..quit being lazy you bunch of dumb asses.
Losers feeding off of others misery provoked by such a fine bunch (social
workers~ cough cough puke puke) and financed by the government… the
end of the day grab a shovel and sleep like the rest of the civil servants
and leave our families alone to feed your own. P P Pisssssssss off lou~
Smith and Wesson

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