Sales – 12 Tips To Get Your Dream Job

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Sales training expert Grant Cardone
The job market is so tough today. You are being told no one is hiring but that is just not true. Yes it is more difficult but if you are committed to getting a good job and are creative and use proven strategies not only can you get the job you want but you can get it quickly.

I have been working with entrepreneurs, businesses and fortune 500 companies for 25 years. I know what they want to hear, I know how to approach them, get in front of them and SELL them. Use these employment strategies and I guarantee you that you will get the job you want, the pay you want and get it within 36 hours. Unemployment should not be an option for you. Don’t believe that you are entitled to it because you have worked so hard for so many years. Taking employment for any longer than a couple of weeks will hurt you and your family in the future. Get a job.

Target companies you want to work for not entire industries, avoid the HR departments and social media instead get in front of decision makers. Use Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and LinkedIn to target who you want to work for, who is hiring, and who you need to see but leave getting the jobs to these KILLER proven tips on how to get a job. You can use the job search assistance,, career builder, craigslist, newspaper, the ladders, a staffing agency but at the end of the day getting the dream job will result in what you do to get in front of the right person and then sell that person that you are the right person.

Do NOT rely on resumes they ruin interviews. When you are being interviewed make sure you are selling and saying those things that executives most admire and also avoid saying those things executives hate to hear in a job interview.

Do what I say here and you will get a job I guarantee you get a 100,000 job or

Grant Cardone shares 12 tips to getting a job.


antbanks415 says:

I like his cheesy smile at the end of each tip. 

richard thayer says:

THREE TIPS for a FAST HIRE 150 companies from the yellow pages in your field and ask them if
they are hiring.
2.start as a busboy in a gourmet restaurant then move to waiter
3.Call centre

ramdav92 says:

“You’re in charge of this new company – ‘the get a job for my self company’
that you just started!” I laughed so hard! He’s great

eightypuff01 says:

He probably have good intentions, and I’m betting he have been in positions
before where he have really applied himself and got a job, an experience he
now is sharing with us. I like the guy, I would hire him as my personal
job-coach! But the only thing I sense is lacking from this presentation is
probably the confidence issue. I was like this the first week I was
unemployed. I got to bed early, spend my days contacting companies, writing
letters, seeking up companies and etc. And if you do that much in a week,
and get 30 “no, we’re not hiring” from so many different companies. That is
a huge hit on anyone’s confidence. The biggest risk for unemployed people
is that they get into a melancholic state of mind where they think “well it
doesn’t matter how much I apply myself into this, it’s impossible”. I get
it, I get it… Your job is to get a new job – end of discussion. But let’s
say that your new job was to sell strawberries, for two weeks no one have
bought any strawberries from you. What do you do? Do you keep telling
yourself that it’s your job to sell strawberries, or are you starting to
feel hopeless about the situation. I mean, it’s not working selling
strawberries… Perhaps a poor analogy, but I think you get what I mean.

Javier Morales says:

Thank you so much Sir this video help me out big time I got a new Job
working for UPS. 

SuperMrBentley says:

i got a jaaaabh as process engineer in FW.
Interview was two fucking months ago…. fucking human resources are slow.

RiPz_KiNGz says:

Omg dude, i mean i had A’s and B’s in most subjects but i got hired! Now a
Dentist and soon to be business owner!

Renee Wrote says:

How great is this video? I absolutely love these tips. I’m in between
jobs right now and this is exactly what I need to make my next move!
Thanks so much!

Martin Bratt says:

Everything Grant says is truly great. The only one thing I disagree with is
“Don’t talk about your past”. When I intent to hire someone in my company I
always look at what they have achieved so far. It gives me a clear idea
what they can do. Such questions are always important in an interview. You
always want to know what the person is about to say with regards to their
previous achievements so you can make you assessment whether they can
deliver in the future. 

Dominique Dupont says:

I rewatch this video just for fun.

I sent the link again to a job seeker. This is the best job search video on
youtube !


This is the best resume, i gave it a shot and trust me it worked for me.

YourMajesty143 says:

This isnt how to get a dream job you will enjoy, this is how you will get
any old job that may or may not lead you to a dream job. You need to go
after what you want, confidence and persistance is key. As soon as you
settle, you actually harm your self-worth and train your subconscious to
believe that you dont have enough value. Network and surround yourself with
people who hold positions you want. Emulate them. You become the 5 ppl you
most surround yourself with, so keep that in mind.

Johnny B says:

Don’t let randoms in the comments sway the message of this video. Grant
Cardone is renowned internationally and extraordinarily. Take his advice.
You’re Amazing. Now go and sell yourself.

Danish Shahzad says:

Sales – 12 Tips To Get Your Dream Job:

ajay kumar ojha says:

Grant …its awesome …!!!!!! Thanks!!! 

Ange Solo says:

You have just obtained millions of stalkers through your methods.

hanna s says:

You’re so great full of positivity from now and on My new job is to find a
new job

Jeff Barlett says:

That was a great video.

Ahmed Atef says:

This video made me subscribe to ur channel on Tip #4 … You are a great
sales person and I do believe that you can sell the air if you want 🙂
Gonna learn a lot from you ;)

Kash G says:

Hey y’all check out this job referral link:

Nuno Queiros Alves says:
The Northern Footy Show says:

Nice video thank you 

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Mrjokes92114life says:

His advice works 

MrJoelaw1 says:

Grant does’nt play ….


Worth spending 25 minutes on. 

Felipe Bryson says:

Thank you

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