This Could Be You: The Many Faces of Social Work

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Explore a career in social work. For more information please contact NASW-MA Chapter at 617-227-9635 or


Barbara Sermanski-Miller says:

Great for a few of my students

macrent2 says:

Social Work is a great career… You never know what is going to happen and
every day is different.

Das Tier says:

I think as long as you’re qualified to work in the US you should be able

av heg says:

Great video..I am studying to be a social worker and cant wait to graduate
to start my career.

Candice D. says:

This video just made me love the field of Social Work sooo much more!
-Aspiring Social Worker

deen4321able says:

i want to be a social worker when i grow up!!!!!!

Sachrystal Barnes says:

this is what i want to be a Social work

Dom Delgado says:

18 years old and starting my bsw program this fall!


Great video about Social Workers!!!



77HadassaH77 says:

I’m a social worker. I graduated in the Netherlands and have an English
(UK, US) diploma. I just want to know if it would it be easy for someone
like me to get a job in America?

Earthbound says:

i cant wait to finish college! this is what I want to do 🙂 Im excited

Claw Machine Central says:

Great video!!! I learned a lot of the various fields of service in an Intro
to Social Work course in college. I decided last semester to become a
Social Worker. I never knew there were so many fields of service in social
work . I hope to become a Social Worker one day. I love to help people.

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