Using Social Media To Land a New Job

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Job Hunting & Social Media
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It’s a new year, new you… ready for a new job? If so, social media can be a great tool to help you stand out, and give you an edge over your competition. IF you use it right. Here are 5 Tips to help strengthen your social presence in prep for a new job.

1. Use Buzzwords
Scan the job postings you want, and pull out common works that describe the skills or experiences needed for the job. Then, work those keywords into your profiles. Start with LinkedIn, then Google+, then twitter and Facebook. Extra credit if you can get the one-click endorsement from people on LinkedIn against those keywords, or if you can solicit written reviews focusing on those skillsets and experiences from co-workers you have a good rapport with. This will validate your skills when recruiters are checking you out and it will also help your profiles rank higher against those industry buzzwords.
2. Happy Headshot
This should be a no brainer, but it’s not! No selfies! No candids! No shots from a wedding! When I was on looking for a nanny, you would not believe how many headshots were creepy selfies or grumpy looking shots. I’m hiring you to care for my first born! Part of the reason I reached out to the nanny I hired was because she looked professional, friendly, and happy. Ask someone to take your pic. Make sure the lighting is bright (think mid-day near a window), and the background in simple. Solid color wall works best. Smile and wear a business shirt.
3. Ice Breakers
Sometimes, you need to establish a connection with someone you’ve never met to ask for advice or express interest. Before blind-connecting, first comment, like, or retweet a few of their postings. This helps to establish that you have common interests or shared perspective. THEN, request to connect, and reference those shared interests before asking for something.
4. Demonstrate Passion & Expertise.
Posting frequently on topics related to the job you want is a great strategy. The content doesn’t even have to be original – you can simply share the relevant news and articles that are hitting your inbox and that you think are interesting. Doing so positions you as somewhat of an expert in the field, and makes others thing you’re in-the-know or cutting edge.
5. Keep a Lid On It
Another that seems like a no brainer – for God’s sake don’t rant & rave online. It CAN be linked back to you. And no one wants to hire someone who has a short fuse. Demonstrate maturity and sophistication – whether you’re behind the computer screen or not.

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