it’s a part time job only on fridays and sometimes saturdays but it’s still really exciting for me. being an introvert will make this interesting…So i’m pretty nervous but really excited. i will make an [More]
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I know I was a little repetitive…but honestly: YOU JUST HAVE TO BE HONEST. Employers do understand and can be very accepting. Subscribe for more!
Mental health and Substance Abuse Social Workers Job Description
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So I kinda got a job… hopefully I actually follow through with it. Sorry I say “just” and “like” a lot. o_o I never realized I said it so much until I watched the video [More]
Friends can help you get a good job if you make it easy for them! Did you know, the secret to landing a top job using social media is simply using the right techniques? In tough times it’s even more important to use all approaches in your job search. [More]