Join us at this fall in Toronto. When you are in youth ministry sometimes holy moments connecting with students happens when you least expect it in the most unlikely of places. We’d love to [More]
The Home Office stated from the 1st April 2011 there will be a cap on overseas skilled workers coming to the UK. The High Court overturned that decision by saying that the Home Office have [More]
1) Cannot order Deaf parents to quit their job to take care of children without their right 2) Cannot tell you what to do to selling your house. 3) CPS cannot control about you and [More]
Recruitment expert Mike Walmsley gives advice on how to recruit the best social work professionals. This is the second in a series of video resources provided by Liquid Personnel and covers developing more effective job [More]
Ted Cruz was on Hannity tonight to weigh in on the hearing today at which Hagel and Dempsey testified. Cruz said neither could answer what is needed to destroy ISIS in 90 days. Cruz said [More]
Professor Anna Haley-Lock presents best practices on interviewing for a job in the field of social work. Learn more about Professor Haley-Lock at View the companion handouts for this presentation on Box (you must [More]
Child, Family, and School Social Workers Job Description
Medical and Public Health Social Workers Job Description
Mental health and Substance Abuse Social Workers Job Description
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