This video highlights the awards ceremony of the 2015 Youth4Decent Work awards, organised by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, which took place on the 26th Febraury 2015 at the Savoy Cinema, Dublin. Secondary school [More]
A Fixers campaign led by Piers Telemacque: Worried cuts to youth services could negatively impact the lives of young people, 21-year-old Piers Telemacque from Bradford is calling on others to voice their concerns to [More]
Retrouvez The Irie Youth sur Facebook et Myspace ‘Work’ tiré de notre album ‘searching for a way’
A Fixers campaign led by Piers Telemacque: Concerned that cuts to youth services nationwide could have a significant impact on the lives of young people, Piers Telemacque (21) from Bradford and his group are [More]
An estimated 73.4 million young people – 12.6 per cent — are expected to be out of work in 2013, and the picture is only set to get worse say Sara Elder and Theo Sparreboom, [More]
Dr Robyn Broadbent and students talk about the Bachelor of Youth Work. Read more about Dr Broadbent: Find out more about our Youth Work courses including: Bachelor of Youth Work Bachelor of Youth Work [More]
A look back at the foundation of British Youth Work to present day In this video Connor Powers shows a hitting drill for youth baseball players that will show them exactly what they need to be doing if they are having any issues “staying back” during their [More]
So you want to be a youth worker? This short video answers many questions you may have about the field.
AELP’s Chief Executive Graham Hoyle discusses the themes and outcomes that have come from the Youth Employment Convention to help tackle youth unemployment. Graham explains that one of the main themes that has come out [More]