15 Minute Beginner Weight Training – Easy Exercises – HASfit Beginners Workout Routine – Strength

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Everyone has to start somewhere and this 15 minute beginner weight training routine is perfect if you’re just getting started! Let Coach Kozak motivate and inspire you through this easy exercise beginner workout routine. Visit http://hasfit.com/workouts/home/easy-beginner/beginner-weight-training/ or http://hasfit.com/at-home-beginners-workout.html for the easy workout instructions, more videos, free meal plans, and other health tips. http://hasfit.com for the best free easy work out and beginners exercise routines for men and women at home or in gym. We provide beginner strength training programs for varying easy fitness levels because every heart and soul deserves to be fit.

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Alicia Evans says:

I don’t know if you read these–but, I just anted to say how amazing this
experience has been. I have been faithfully following along with your
workouts and when I first started this one in particular, I could barely
finish it out. Tonight, I did it and I hadn’t realized I got through it. I
was like ‘that’s it?” then I realized–OMG….I got through it easily! I
have lost a total of 13lbs in a week….I eat very healthy…I walk to
work–and although I am in a office all day sitting, I walk around wherever
I can. I take dietary supplements to increase my energy and all that
combined has made such a difference. You are a miracle worker and I am just
so grateful I found your videos. I swear by them Thanks COACH!!!

piotr pinc says:

how often do we do this? someone plz tell me

Jake Harris says:

Yea Ima start doin these, in addition to my lil routine that I’m already
doin. Started it over the weekend and I’m already startin to feel a lil
better. Besides I’m tired of bein a 6’2, 175 lb bean pole lol.
Question: does anyone know anything about this stuff called COMBAT POWDER?
I found a HUGE ass thing of it in the back of my dads pantry and I wanna
use it. I mean I know its a protein shake, but can anyone tell me anything
else about it?

My Movie's says:

Im starting with 4.4 lbs and im 12 but is this an everyday workout or an
weekly workout?

John Mcdade says:

Is there an intermediate/medium work out video by him like this?

Samuel Collins says:

*here were diet and fitness programs promising to heIp me trim my body the
way l want it to be.l gIadIy submit myseIf to these so-caIIed experts. Yes,
l did Iost weight in some of them but the fIabby spots are stiII there.
What’s worse, l didn’t get to have that weII-toned body that l’ve been
dreaming of.One time, l bumped into a friend and she Iooks amazing.ln fact,
she doesn’t Iook Iike her age. She Iooks younger than before and her body?
lt’s to die for!She doesn’t look Iike that years ago. She used to Iook Iike
your mom in her middIe age. But when l bumped into her, she could pass as a
fitness trainer in her early 30s (and she’s in her 40’s now).She introduced
me to this fitness program that had transformed her body and Iife.Okay,
l’II be honest, l was skepticaI at first because l’ve been through A LOT of
programs and none seem to work. l expect to be presented with another
weight Ioss program or being offered with tons of weight Ioss suppIements
but neither of them happened. lt doesn’t reIy on the Iatest “insane”
workouts or diet fads. lt relies on knowIedge and techniques that Steve
discovered handwritten in an “oId schooI” notebook by a deceased HoIIywood
fitness trainer. Steve personaIIy tried it on his body, and got great
resuIts without time-consuming effort.*

Damola Sanni says:

I’m tryna get stronger, I’m using 25 Ibs 

Tanya Walker says:

Great! I did as my second workout of the day.

Matt G says:

I know you probably don’t read much of these comments on your old videos,
but I wanted to say that I’ve been using your videos for about a year now
and I’ve lost 36lbs and went from a size 36 inch waist to a 32. (I was
217lbs at start and am now 181. Thank you for the support although we’ve
never met. I’ll continue even past my goal of 160 lbs and 10 free standing
handstand pushups. (just a random goal I have)

Again thank you coach. If I ever get the privilege to meet you I’d love to
lift some iron with you.

Killa Ninja says:

Hey HASFIT you are my coach I am trying to get stronger for next football
season I see reults this kid who lifts more weight than me now I lift more
than him I am the 4rth strongest in my lkfting group of 45 people in
school. I promise to keep working out all the way till school ends summer
ends and school starts.THANKS HASFIT!!

FifaHangover says:

hey man great video! just wondering if you could do it more than once a
day? is it recommended?

E. Wilson says:

This was great. I made it all the way through!

David Bates says:

Hi, everyone here in your sight seem to be very nice, so I feel at ease to
make my own comment. Im taking care of a quadriplegic today and was doing a
Youtube search for a dumb bell workout. Im going to try yours. Ill keep
you updated as to how it is going. I need to change my diet also and not
eat for taste, but for health. Thanks much, God bless, 

Rachel padgett says:

I am 12 and my lightest Dumbbells are 10.5lb! I only managed to get through
half of it! Lol!

Jason Scott says:

Thanks coach! This workout kicks my butt every time! 🙂
I’m using two 20 lb weights, is that ok?

aurunffx says:

Thanks so much for the video.. the first time I tried this workout routine
I didn’t think could make any difference on me, as it looks so easy(it is
indeed) but after have done 40/50 minutes 5 days a week for some months
now… wow it really worked, I also jog by minimum 30 minutes.

rahul yogi says:

I am 24, and height is 5′ 10, weight 83Kg. I want a body like boxers .fat
less body. Kindly suggest which videos should I follow. Thank You

zahidsheff says:

Thanks alot. This is good guidance for beginners 

Dr Carla Seleme says:

I love you, Mr. Hasfit!

TheEloquentGear says:

Great workout!

Jan Davies says:

Hey, I’m new to this channel and just have a few things I wonder if you can
help me with. When it comes to my traps, my left trap is more built then my
right trap, even though I am right handed?. Also it is kind of the same
with my calves. My left calf is a lot more defined and built up then my
right, but I’m right footed? Anyone help me with this? I feel that shoulder
shrugs don’t really do much for me as I don’t feel it in my shoulders.
Anything I’d be able to do to build them up equally as well as my calves? 

Alex Lossenko says:

R.I.P. Alex,
he did 2/3 of this beginner work out and died

Noah Crawley says:

thanks this is really helping motivate me to lose weight

Daniel Holmes says:

I have a question, and hopefully it’s not too daft lol. Are the
intermediate/advanced workouts more effective than the beginner ones, or
just more challenging?

Justin Lee says:

How do even do the last exercise I can only get my elbows to my shoulders 

jettnbritt says:

Just finished my workout! Had my son (whose 3) in the background working
out with me (he used his drumsticks instead of dumbbells lol) Great video
for a busy mom like me to squeeze a workout in. Thanks! 

Elizabeth Butler says:

Just did my first EVER weights session with this! So easy to follow and
really motivational, will be coming back to you daily – thank you! x

Dr Carla Seleme says:

I have been doing this 3-4 days per week ( like MWF and Sat if time allows)
and after just over 4 weeks I see and feel positive and obvious results.
I started with 1-Lb weights as that was truly all I was capable. However,
I am now up to comfortably using 3-Lb weights and will probably increase to
4-Lb weights in about 2 weeks. I have never enjoyed using weights and have
done everything to avoid using them but realize the necessary
implementation. I have lectured many patients over the years re: the
benefits and need to institute a free weight type of routine into their
weekly regimen. Using your Mr. Hasfit beginner program and even
alternating a more moderately challenging video at times, I am now able to
“practice what I preach.” Your videos have something for all those who are
new to weight training or those who have limited time for an effective
workout. Thank you for the inspiration to better health and more energy
through perspiration.

Stephanie Moore says:

Great Beginner Work-Out!

Andy Daly says:

15 Minute Beginner Weight Training – Easy Exercises – HASfit Beginners
W…: http://youtu.be/U0bhE67HuDY

sexyvato801 says:

There is not an ounce of fat on this mans body he looks great!

Rohan Steenbeek says:

Is this a daily excercise or should i leave a day in between 2 trainings?

Matthew Spell says:

Wow this one is pretty good I love how he explains the squats, knees are

Rhoda Wilhoit says:

Thank you so much for the great 15 minute workout. I’m just getting started
and this pushed me enough to get a good workout and wasn’t overwhelming as
some are at THIS point. I’m on my way to being fit and lean! :)…

roki977 says:

I like even like music for now.. I started with 2.5kg and it is to easy.
With 3.5kg it starts to be work out. I am not in that bad shape, overweight
but i got some power. I am doing judo and grappling 3 times a week, trow in
boxing as 4th lately. My problem is I never worked with weights so I chose
this as my starting point. I see am not wrong…

I decided to stay with 4.5 kg for few days.

Sam Howley says:

been out of weight training for a good couple of months
eased my way back in doing circuit classes, spin, boxfit, and HIIT

this is perfect for easing me back in and so quick and easy to follow once
in a morning and once on an evening

thank you

Clement Ho says:

thank you so much! my first time working out (:

saturnsays000 says:

At 15:20 I regretted using 15 lb weights instead of the 3 – 8 lbs
recommended for beginners *lol* … I’m used to carrying heavy things, but
so rarely over my head 😉 Great workout — I’ve subscribed =-)

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