Amazon is hiring reps to work from home

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Amazon is hiring seasonal customer service reps to work from home in several states that you can apply to here
To apply for Uhaul for the UBox Agent go here
20/20 Research Food Study
Chasen Research Beverage online study

To read the Humanatic question and answer interview, please go to the Article page here

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Leila says:

Thank you for sounding professional, unlike some other the other girls
doing YouTube videos.

Orwell Alatovkrap says:

You are doing good things for people. We like you. 

CBully says:

i work for amazon right now… and I’m looking for another job! it could
be a great job but the training is essentially 10 weeks worth of training
crammed into 2-3 weeks and you’re thrown into the fire of the busiest time
of year. you have to research the answers for customers and they work on
metrics. obviously this will not be a long term solutions. what they train
you on is irrelevant to the weird calls/questions customers ask. not
bashing them but simply telling the truth! the truth that I found out for

kianna621 says:

Hi, is hiring again for Customer service work from home in the
following states again for full time and part time:
Arizona, Kentucky,Texas, West Virginia,Delaware, Florida,Georgia,
Kansas,North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

Workersonboard says:
Elizabeth Elsesser says:


bhargavi puttapaka says:

hi basically i know english but u people speak very fast that i couldnt
understand so iam i eligible for dis job

Jordan Taylor says:

Great Video Thanks for the information!

claudiahudson1 says:

Amazon interview today.. Tips please : )

Jasmine Hancle says:

hi i must say what you are doing is great i am in the Caribbean is there
any online jobs for me here

Jada Mccoy says:


ninabeez says:

Thank you so much for your advice, I have an interview with Amazon this
week for Work From Home Seasonal Customer Service. I am so excited.

MusicalLinguist says:

I would have loved the Amazon job but I live in Maryland.

YanYan Vlog Life says:

any WAH jobs that can access or available for canadians?

Dr. Lenora Peterson-Maclin says:

I just want to thank you for the information you give out on telecommuting
jobs. I found an great company that is now hiring it is call SITEL and they
are legit too, must do background check and drug test they will pay for
it too, Only pay $9.00 an hour

Timothy Philip says:

i tried to log on to amazon to get hire for customer service job but
couldn’.t find out where to fill out application can you help me

Millie rodriguez says:

Love the info how can I subscribe

Tanya Perry Mount says:

I GOT THE JOB!!! At Amazon…started November 3rd. Thanks Alicia!!!

Jasper Morris says:

Thanks for the vid

denise page says:

Is Email Processing For Cash system is a scam I need someone to check this
out for me.

SCPJones08 says:

Hello I currently have a full time job but I would like to work for Amazon
for extra income. Right now I see they are contracting through Arise as
well. Due to my schedule I need to work the late shift. Do you have any
knowledge of working with Arise for Amazon? I don’t mind applying directly
to Amazon but it would be nice to make my own schedule so that I can work
at night.

Denise Langshaw says:

Thankyou for all the insightful information and referrals. I applied with
Amazon, had my interview yesterday and they offered me f/t seasonal
position. Right on time, after laid off since last August, and current
work-at-home w/ACD Direct (been w/them 4 yrs), is based on volume, and it’s
been slow. The Amazon Interviewer did advise that p/t round is starting now
thru next 1-2 weeks, so get to applying. They follow thru rather quickly!

Tanya Perry Mount says:

I applied for Amazon, and got an email stating they are gonna contact me in
a few days with some assessments to do.

Jewella Styles says:

Can anyone answer this question,what does amazon online assessment consist

YouTreen says:

Thank you as always for the work at home tips 🙂 My seasonal position with
Sutherland Global ended after Valentines Day. I have however secured
full-time work with Sitel Homeshore thanks to your videos 🙂 Will apply to
UHAUL now for some supplemental pay to help out since I’m a single mom. God
bless you!

John j says:

thanks so much for all this great information

Elizabeth Elsesser says:


danielle mangum says:

I been doing this for years but lately the ones I use to go to like
Liveops, Arise and some others don’t do Maryland no more and I don’t know
why. Like they kicked out my state. The list is going down trying to find
someone that do Maryland. I wonder is there some law against work at home
in maryland

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