GAO and other data entry work at home jobs

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Apply for Fancy Hands as a virtual assistant here
To apply for Cass Info for a data entry keyer click here
Watch the video on how to pass the test for Virtualbee
Please check out the weekly job section and apply to the basketball analyst work at home job here


Workersonboard says:

+ La Toya Gay
Thank you for watching!

romel andoy says:

you need to be a proper/fast typist for data entry work?

Luke H says:

The voice thing for fancy hands doesn’t work. Please help. Thanks!

Workersonboard says:

Video about data entry jobs and other opportunities 

LaToya Gay says:

Whoo hoo! thanks for sharing! 

jh ferrell says:

Alicia, if you’re not a stay at home mom, can you still use your
Work-At-Home Mommie Webpage? Let me know! I don’t want to be on that site
if I am not supposed to be. Thanks!

kizzmac says:

So far I have not been lucky. I don’t know about anybody else. All of these
virtual assistant jobs seems like the only thing. Nothing else. I been to
the website and no luck at all with all of these so called work at home
jobs. It’s always some kind of run around. 

losirisOG says:

i need a diff job i am 18 and i work 12 hours a ay 4 times a week i just
wanted a part time job but this is the only place that hired me please help
i need money ,but this is to much !

Instinct says:

Thanks to you I’ve been working for Humanatic and I love it! I was also
hired at Market Force but have yet to complete a shop.

Jean Givan says:

Curious to find out about the basketball analyst position, as I have quite
a bit of basketball prowess in my pedigree – all the way up to Division 1
college ball. Couldn’t see the link/info from my phone. How can I access
that info. & thanks for your work. I like your videos, good quality. Good
intro and always filled with informative, useful, relevant information.
Again, thanks. 

Sanjoy Shaw says:

are you mad? let me guide you the best method search panXCash

jbleess1 says:

I am going to check outtoo, but question on Virtual Bee data entry. I took
the rest and got an 84, don’t know if that is good or not. After saving I
wanted to try again the next day but can’t get logged o on again. It has
been more than 48 hrs. I should be able to login again, right? 

Shanna Williams says:

are there any tips for passing the test for great American opportunities.
I just received the email.

Joseph Henry says:

Another Great video! But could you provide me with more info about the
“basketball analyst” position. I went to your website and I checked the
“no phone jobs” category, but I couldn’t find it. Thanks Alicia!

Del Ritz says:

Alicia……your work is much appreciated. God bless and have a wonderful

larry potter says:

I just lost my job, and really hurting. To tell you the truth, I have no
computer and forced to use the library computer, between a pc and a
chromebook I can get up too six hours on the computer, Do I have to use
have to have special softwear to work for these companies. Please help me
out here Alicia?

Karla Noriega says:

Fyi: For GAO from Terry: please contact us in January, 2014 (January 1
-15), and we will schedule you for an on-line test for future contract

AjeeDaPoet1 says:

Thank you so much for taking the time to post these jobs opportunities. I
have applied to Fancy Hands and I’m waiting a response. Thank you again and
continued blessings!

sheena tompkins says:

Hey Alicia is there any jobs from home available

MrsM0503 says:

HI Alisha, How are you. I have a question for fancy hands, Do you need
Google voice acct in order to apply for this position ?

Cherie Harrison says:

Thanks so much for making such great videos!! I applied at virtualbee and
scored 92%. I have not been contacted by them. Do you know why.

larry potter says:

One last question, how do I key in on my computer.

larry potter says:

Alicia, I noticed that on your video on how to score !00% on virtualbee,
that you type real fast when taking the test. Do you have to be a fast
typest to do this test? For that matter, do you have to be a fast typist to
make money for them? By the way, you are really a fantastic person to want
to help people like you do. 

Workersonboard says:
Nora Moore says:

For the GAO i see you website email and the video emails are different.
Which one do I send the request to?

Belinda Whitmore says:

I went to but I could not tell if my application went
through when I got to the part with the voice screening I completed it and
after that nothing happened.

Michael Holstine says:

Do you have to have a score of 100% for Virtual Bee? I have had a 99%
forever and cannot get it to go up one little point lol !!!

njebonyqueen33 says:

Sent a email to GAO hope to hear something soon thanks again..

ItszShortyBaybeh says:

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armywolf1000 says:

I think you are on it, I believe there are many legitimate work from home
jobs out there you have just developed a skill to cut through the BS great
stuff. Randy

Alicia Menefee says:

Hi alicia i have a question about this work at home job web post and don’t
know if its a scam please help the web site is
I read it and i just don’t know let me know what you think thank you 

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