Legit Non Phone Work at Home Job that pays $15 per hour

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Employment Details:
Pay: $15 per hour on a W-2 basis as an employee of ZeroChaos, Inc. Pay is processed weekly and issued via direct deposit once your time sheet is approved online.
Work schedule: 10-29 hours per week. This is a part-time telecommuting position and you must provide your own computer and private internet connection. You must work a minimum of ten hours per week but no more than the maximum of 29 hours per week. You will have access to the system to work when it suits your schedule day or night as long as you obey the minimum and maximum hour requirements and do not work overtime.
Assignment length: 365 days maximum but may be ended earlier by ZeroChaos or the employee.
Please be aware that up to 5% of the tasks may involve sexual or violent adult content and you may not opt out of those but you can choose when to work on them.

APPLY HERE! http://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/ofc/4825284356.html


ThriftingThickChick says:


ThickChickVlogs says:

Non phone work at home

Tychinna McCall says:

thanks for all ur research on jobs:)

pg blue says:

Thanks for the info. I see the ad on craigslist. But the contact info
(email) is missing. I’m guessing because it was posted a while ago. If
anyone happens to have the contact info, please reply to this message. I’d
gladly appreciate it.

mary48504 says:

Can find some more non phone job thanks

Angella Gretchen says:

I have a question about that company and/or job posting. After applying,
when should I expect a reply? 

Crystal Allen says:

Do you work from home? If so what so you do?

neshnash32 says:

Thanks chica,I just relocated from NYC to Ga and I’m looking for work.

pg blue says:

Huge thanks to you for helping others! You are so appreciated! Thanks

Tyronda Record says:

Thanks , but i push on the link that you had up ..And i push on the Reply
button and nothing happen.. How do you get in there…??

ThriftingThickChick says:
mary48504 says:

Thickchick do work at home job be on indeed 

Malika Fuller EL says:
Edward Ketchens says:

First off i would like to thank you for this video. This is the first one
ive seen. One question tho. The ads asks if you have a bachelors
degree…is that a requirement? Also, should i be skeptical on giving my

Stephanie Williams says:

Thank You Thank You Thank You !!!!. I have been searching for so long for a
way to generate extra income after watching this video I applied at
Zerochoas I got the job. I wouldn’t have been able to find it without your
channel. Again Thank You so much.

Myssbeauty says:

Some work from home jobs aren’t available to DC residents,would you happen
to know any that are? And can you work for more than one company?

Myssbeauty says:

Some of the work from home jobs are not available to people who live in
Washington DC, would you happen to know of any? Also, can you work for more
than one company at a time?

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