Legit Work at Home Job making $15 an hr!!

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Who is NexRep?

NexRep is a next generation call center that has been providing industry leading service since 2009. We leverage one of the fastest growing groups of contractors in America — home based agents — and are changing the face of the teleservices industry. Companies who need to have their phone calls answered, but do not want to manage their own call center, choose NexRep to provide great agents.

NexRep agents can generate a great income; for Outbound Sales the avg. pay is $15 per hour, with some agents exceeding $25 per hour.

NexRep agents pick their own schedule; if calls are available, you choose when you want to provide services.

Apply HERE!!! http://www.nexrep.com/indeed/sales-agents.html



Jewella Styles says:

can you share the companies that you are working with?

Heidi Fox says:

Nice video 

Patricia Collins says:

Excellent information, thank you so very much. I suffer due to not making
enough money to meet my financial obligations. Your site is what I have
been looking for-for years!!!! Hats off to people like you!!!!! Looking
out for others, God Sent.

shay welch says:

Sis you are the best!!! Thanks for sharing 

Nubian Williams says:

Ms. ThickChick, so have you since come across some WAH appointment setting
jobs for the medical field. Please let me know. I’ve done some research but
I’m unable to find and legit ones. Please let me know

rhymerrhyme says:

hey miss i reside in the Caribbean do you know of any jobs that hire out of
the U.S ?

WorkFromHomeJourney says:

I have worked with Nexrep as an Outbound Agent, and it is nothing like they
claim it to be. You will not be making $15/hr, unless you figure it based
on how they do not pay you for “real” time. You only get paid for about
65% of your working time because you only get paid for speaking, no
answering machines or hang-ups. You will be selling As Seen On TV junk to
elderly people on fixed incomes, and have to keep reading the script like a
robot no matter how many times the customer yells at you to stop. Then,
you have to sell them 2 clubs, which are rip-off magazine clubs and
shopping clubs and cannot take no for an answer. The supervisors will pop
up on your screen and yell at you if you do not keep reading. You will
learn very fast that it is “too good to be true”, it only took me 2 weeks.
Also, their turn-over is horrible. Of the 20 people I started with, only 5
were left when I quit after just 2 weeks. That is why they hire literally
a new group every week.

ThickChickVlogs says:

Check out this work at home job opportunity!

DiamondLife Cavalli says:

girl, love these vids. I’m looking to go the WAH route, and was just
wondering when you were going to post again. Thanks so much!!!

ThriftingThickChick says:
Dion Koonce says:

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T Baby says:

Thank you for this video! Can you do a video on inbound call centers and
also jobs that you can make money immediately?

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