Legit Work At Home Non Phone Jobs that pay $13-$15

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APPEN BUTLER HILL: APPLY HERE http://www.appen.com/company/opportunities/

Leapforce: APPLY HERE https://www.leapforceathome.com/qrp/public/jobs/list

Lionbridge Crowd workers thrive on completing jobs at home on a flexible schedule and excel in a virtual workplace. They work when, where and as much as they want — with a strong work ethic and meticulous attention to detail that keeps our clients coming back for more. APPLY HERE! http://www.thesmartcrowd.com/about/workers/job-opportunities/

SiteStaff: APPLY HERE! http://www.sitestaff.com/careers/


dimpols0 says:

Love all of the help you’re providing us home workers. I applied for all
of these today. Crossing my fingers that I get the call.

Simone B says:

I am really interested in applying to something like this. 

SchAldyLike says:

i just got out of a bad relationship and I am currently looking to start
all over with no vehicle! Work at home is perfect for me and I am happy
that I have found you on here! You are truly a blessing!

Letesha Samuels says:

Great vid! It was very refreshing to hear a review from someone down to
earth and friendly as myself. Keep up the great work, Girl! 

Ronnell Stewart says:

Thank you so much.

Amanda Hale says:

I love this video and I thank you for sharing! Much needed and appreciated
information 🙂 Hopefully one of these jobs will be a great fit for me!

Jesusita Soriano says:

I’m gonna try this. Hope to earn while waiting for me to deliver my baby.

LovelyNova says:

Leapforce contacted me today for my exam … .I am im nervous (anxiety)*
I’m also excited! Thank ya girl I pray I get hired for this position
I will keep u posted

.God bless you for sharing!!!!!

Emily Roman says:

Thank you for all the information. I’ll check it out. God bless you always.

Paul Adedeji says:

Thanks for the video but i couldn’t understand the names of the sites, can
you help with their names typed below? Thanks.


Hello, I just applied for the web evaluator position with appen butler
hill. I took all three of their online tests today. I am waiting for them
to score my test and email me back. Please pray that I get this job because
the only income I have is my school income, and that is not enough income
for me to live on.
thank you,’

Angie Dowdell says:

Love it! Quick and to the point. 

sfpatrick1968 says:

I checked out those search engine evaluator jobs, I don’t have a degree,
and they required one.

lilmamadrea87 says:

+ThriftingThickChick how long does it take for happen to respond to a
application? Doing crowdsourcing I thought this company was similar to
clickworker. You apply take a test then begin working.

ally zade says:

Thank you, your amazing! Keep helping people your return/blessings is

yayarea82 says:

thanks for the info

trease adams says:

I tried these places they would not allow me to apply

Tuere Evans says:

Do they do credit check?

Jinell Harrell says:


Joshua Bagemehl says:

ahh i love people like this for these vids workin less then minium wage
being disabled sucks but hey thanks for the info ima subscribe to this

Jimmie Ramsey says:

thank you… keep up the good work

Korleone Giovonni says:

Video very informing im goin too subscribe. You got a new fan lol godbless 

Stephanie Carter says:

Oh my goodness! God sends what you need, when you need it. I’ve been
watching your videos for weeks and have never seen one of these pop up
until today, when I faced the fact that I’ll never be able to return to
phone work. My two youngest grandbabies are years from preschool and we’re
not big on day care. I will be checking these companies out right now. I
will always miss the craziness of phone work, though. 

Nightbird says:

Thank you for this info..but I wanted to mention what I don’t like about
these jobs after checking them out:
1. They don’t tell you how much they pay. Many of us don’t want to waste
our time applying and taking tests if the pay is less than what we need.
These companies act like people will accept whatever is offered to them and
don’t need to know the salary beforehand..unlike a regular job where you
know what the salary is before you go in.
2. Many of these companies want you to have a Bachelors degree or higher.
Really? For work at home jobs?
3. The amount of tests you have to take is just ridiculous! Yes..I
understand you want the best employees out there..but if your only paying
me less than $10 an hour..why are you making me jump through hoops to get
your low paying job?

Again thanks for your hard work posting this info. I’ve been looking for a
non-sales work at home job that pays a minimum of $15 an hour for years
now..but have never found anything. Most of these places want to work you
for less than what the fry maker at McDonalds makes (and they get a free
meal)..so I hope others have better luck than I do.

Annette McILwain says:

Thnxs for sharing the info on work @ home jobs!

Mary Mitchell says:

I believe God sent me to your video I am going to check them all out God
Bless you!!

Debrah Owens says:

I would really like to say, that it is a joy to see that there are people
out here that really care about something or someone besides themselves.

mega overweigt says:

hello, is Leapforce open for all countries? 


i’ll try this one. thank you for sharing coz i’ve been looking for an extra
income. God bless

Tanazia McCants says:

Hey, thank you for all you videos! They are a God-send. But have you come
across any work-from-home jobs that don’t require a computer or internet?

Pauline cook says:

Follow this link to make some extra cash in your free time. You will not
get rich, but you will make extra money for your home

Catrina Droptiny says:

http://payripo.com/?share=61098 great way to make some extra money without
having to pay for anything

Quincy Boudreaux says:

This sight really works for me!!

Andrea Hunte says:

Okay & keep the video’s coming…no shade at all…

fayrouz ibrahim says:

does appen.com have a training program or a test before starting working ?!
because i don’t know anything about search engine evaluating ,and if you
have any materials to study from for leapforce or any advices about how to
pass the test it’s going to be great !
and thanks alot for you efforts :)

Noelle Cavalida says:

hi im gonna try your suggestions. hopefully i get a job from home! will let
you know if i do. thanks!

Harold Andaya says:

You are really Caring! Thanks for Sharing

SweetLikeSuga says:


Andaiye Hall says:

Watching this.. Legit Work At Home Non Phone Jobs that pay $13-$15:

0ಠ_ಠಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠಠ_ಠ says:

I told my friends about you. thank you so much for the help you got me as a

Alexis Williams says:

Sharing is caring FORREAL…THANKS

Debrah Owens says:

I have not tuned into you tube in quite some time, but I glad I did. I
think it is a great thing that you guys are making the public aware of
there being legitimate home base work out there for people to become
employed. For people who can’t get out there and work a regular job for
whatever reason. 

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