The Most Effective Squat Challenge: 100 Rep Fitness Blender Squat Challenge

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Emma Wroblewski says:

“Keep those lungs open, make sure you’re not holding you’re breath” IVE

sakurauzimaki365 says:

Man when started seeing those jump squats I almost gave up. Till I realized
this was the last part. When I finished I had to play Glory by John Legend!
And now I’m smelling pancakes Lord give me Strength!!

FitnessBlender says:

Brand new: 100 Rep Squat Challenge ROUND 2: Workout to Lift & Shape the
Butt & Thighs @

Carla Lizano says:

Ladies this is my 3rd time trying this workout and let me say it is AWSOME

Monika Nikolova says:

I’ve been doing this from 10 days straight and I see amazing results,my
butt was saggy before cause I hadn’t done any kind of sport or work-out for
more than 2 years.This work-out lifted my butt and made it round.I can’t
believe it works but it does.

arvinii says:

Survived! :)


If I make this workout everyday, Will I see results ?
PLEASE answer me !!

Lancereen says:

when I squat i feel the burn in my knees not butt or thighs, am i doing it

Janay Moreland says:

Oouuchh!! Forgot it! Im fina watch a video about a cake!

Brooke Hazlett says:

Just did this with my mom and sister. However I think we went a little too
fast. But we are doing both of the challeneges. This one today and then
tomorrow the second one and do that for a month . I’ll let everyone know
what the results are for us! My sister and I are 15 years apart and have
completely different body types so I’m curious to see the different ways it
shapes and builds.

Carisma Thomas says:

My 3rd day doing this workout I’m not stopping until 30 days pass 

superelin says:

Everything went fine until i got to the jump squats and my legs refused to
let me jump

angela addawoo says:

are you suppose to do this everyday, or every other day for the challenge?

naminegirl21 says:

Please help me. I’m doing the 30 day squat challenge. My legs and butt are
so super sore I can hardly walk. I keep stumbling. I LITERALLY have to
crawl up the stairs in my house. I can’t even work at my job properly.

Do I rest or keep going? Does the soreness get less intense or do you get
used to it? I don’t exercise often so I don’t know what to do. 

Anna Petrášová says:

let´s do it ;)

Beata Tokolyova says:
Stephanie Mitchelle says:

If you want to see results quicker use weights. Start at 1 pound and go up
a pound every week. Best results!

PanterYoutube says:

After doing this for the past few months, I now find this workout pretty
easy. I love it when you begin to notice that!

Boryana Pehlivanova says:

woow in 1 week I can see a result! Thank you, Fitnes Blender! xoxo

Jessica Little says:

Squat challenge

Freddy Fazbear says:

This is my first day and i feel very good after the challenge its very easy
for me and i hope i will change

Desi Bucklew says:

Hey.. I need some advice. How do I get in shape?
I’m 15. 5’4 and 132lbs. I don’t think I’m “fat” or “over weight”, but I’m
definitely not happy with my body. I have no regular fitness routine.. I
don’t exercise or anything. (I know I should) but mostly I’d just like to
get healthy and tone up a bit. Nothing major. Mostly lose some fat and gain
more muscle. I’m jiggly and weak! lol I’ve done lots of research and stuff
but honestly I have no idea where to start. I plan on getting a membership
to the local gym, but I have no idea what to do there. I also need diet
tips. I eat regular meals.. Too much junk and sugar, I’m sure. Oh and one
last thing.. I have a huge butt. Haha but it’s just fat. I don’t like it.
Squat tips? Please help! Thanks in advance.

Oana Florea says:

I’m currently struggling with some personal issues and I find it really
hard to get my ass out of bed, not even gonna say something about
fitness… I never exercised, because I didn’t feel like it was
necessary… But I gotta tell you, I was doing what the video instructed me
for 2 minutes and I can barely breathe now… It was an eye-opener, because
I never felt so out of shape and useless in my entire life. I’m going to
try this a few minutes every day, until I get used to the effort, even if
I’m going to do it 5 minutes every day for a week and then 10 minutes the
next week, I feel like it’s gonna change my life. Fingers crossed.

Custom88 says:

Almost 5.7 million girls have perfect boodies <3 Go girls :P

Danielle Sanford says:
Jasmine Bieber says:

So does this give you faster results then just doing the normal “squat
challenge calender” with normal squats ? Someone please answer ! ):

Rebecca Carmel says:

Can somebody answer my question please! I want to start doing this workout
but I don’t want to loose any weight. I’m skinny (120 pounds) and I’m
trying to gain weight. Will this workout make me loose weight?!

Õliviã Andrews says:

okay, so first off, i have A LOT of questions about squats, big booties,
and thick thighs, ect ect! jus a lot of questions on how to get my desired
body shape! so, if i already have a big fat butt naturally and i jus wanna
enhance it and make it bigger and better i would do squats right? but i
heard if you do squats you’ll lose all the fat you already have in your
butt and thighs, which will all turn into muscle! is that true? i hope not,
because i wanna keep what my mama gave me and jus add on! i don’t wanna
look manly though :/ also, if i decide to do squats, and one day i decide
to stop doing them i’ll lose my butt and the hard work i put in right? will
i get my natural fat butt back i had to begin with? will i have to do
squats jus to have a butt? lol can i eat anything i want while doing
squats? i have a high metabolism so i never gain weight in my belly. i jus
want thick thighs, and a bigger butt.. without looking all manly and
muscular.. i’m gonna start waist training to because i want the hourglass
shape! my friend said i should jus waist train, and eat junk food and all
that fat would go to my butt and thighs.. but i thought you had to have a
certain diet while waist training! i don’t eat jus junk food though, i eat
healthy to! but i need answers on all of this! i know it’s a lot and i’m
sorry! haha

Elisha Cruz says:

hi fitness blender, thank you for your videos. i love how simple the
workout is, no background noise no chit chat, a blank white space, and the
reason why i choose to watch your videos particularly is because of the
description of the workout. i’m tracking my calories so this helps
tremendously. the only problem is i hate cardio, i’m too lazy and
unmotivated and out of shape for it. so a workout like this is great
because it’s so simple, just standing and squatting constantly, and burns a
good amount of calories in 8 min. do you have any others that are simple
like this and burn good calories. i like to just stand i hate getting on
the floor and coming back up. i think i have searched all of them but only
favorite this. i would just do this over and over but i don’t want to tire
my muscles out. Thank you

Danielle McKenzie says:

About how many calories does this workout burn?

divinity inmotion says:

If you try this with weights it’s even MORE effective

Jm Haase says:

I love Fitness Blender….but I’m sad to say that with all the squats I’ve
done I’ve noticed my thighs are bigger than before! Yikes. I want a slim
& sleek body. I thought that these would help, but wow, what an unwanted
result. Help? Is it stretching primarily that I should do? I don’t want
bulk muscle….

Eveliina Toivola says:

How long and how many times a day you have to do this?

Miss Kriss says:

I’m only feeling it in the front of my thighs… Am I doing it right?

Lyn says:

And I hope you don’t mind that I Pinned your video. 🙂 

Luxci Korkov says:

Completed this yesterdayand today , feel really sore , but thats expected,
will update if i see results? anyone who has done this more than a week or
two , any results? 

Amabel Maria says:

Did this work for anyone?

Atawna Odom says:

My legs n thighs hurt solo bad. But I will NOT give up
I’ve been doing this every night. I pray I see some amazing ass results!!

Lele Dice says:

+FitnessBlender these worked .. Thank you so much .. I may not be a grown
woman .. But TRUST ME !! Lol , this worked alot. But make sure you guys
squeeze in your cheeks for firmer and it may make it lift faster . but ive
veen doing it for at least 3 weeks .

Mary Mills says:

I did this and the next day I can barely walk should I continue or have I
pulled a muscle or something?

Miha Belimezov says:

what are those calories for? is that the total amount of calories or the
amount for a type of a squat?

bee bee says:

That last one is hard as shit.

Annapoorna Ranganathan says:

Have been doing this for 2 weeks now, can’t say much about the butt but
I’ve lost 4 inches off my muffintop area?! Wasn’t expecting that and I’m
not complaining 🙂 

isabella juan says:

i like so much wouh i lost weight surely

- chloe - says:

Hey guys I’m 174 cm tall and weigh 111 pounds now.I’ve been doing this
exercise everyday for 2 weeks already.And it seems that my butt and thigh
are more firm and tight lol.But not much weight loss actually.I only lose 4
pounds.I just wanna say you guys should try this too!Dont give up! :)

tink last says:

Omg I’m dying !! Lol love the burn thou

sherry ann Hernandez says:

Omg! Now I remember. This is the one exercise that I can’t lift my legs to
go upstairs! Total killer! Anyways, I’ve improved. Thanks FB! 

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