Work at Home Jobs – Proof of Payment

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Close Proof of payment from viewpoint forum, new writing gigs at and free list of the latest work at home jobs on the weekly job section. Go there to sign up for Gomez Peer and frugal fanatic. Make sure that you click on the payment proof page on my website for even more legit jobs.


joan Mukami says:

thank you for sharing. kindly advice on companies that are hiring
internationaly. my current location is kenya.

Gail Gaines says:

Great info but how do you know how current your information is. How do I
know what current video to watch in terms of your job listings. thanks

Kwame Otikyem says:

Hi Elisha
, which of the companies can be done internationally?

latrena wright says:

Alicia I finally got registered but how can I receive a check cause they
are not using PayPal in some countries??

ubuibme says:

i did this, and it says “You must have a valid referral code.”

Workersonboard says:

I am not familiar with it. But when I went to Google to check it out there
were scam reports that are connected with this company. Ripoff report even
had a lot of complaints and posts about them also. I hope this helps.

Workersonboard says:

Hi Jessica, Viewpoint Forum is no longer accepting referrals at this time
but Paid Viewpoint is and this is a legit survey company that you can try.
You can sign up for this one on the Stay at Home Mom page. They do pay.


Alicia are you familiar with a company JMK GEE SOFT INC. 1440 PORT of
TACOMA,WA 98421 secret shopper

Muazzam Bashir says:


Belinda Whitmore says:

Hi Alicia, I went to viewpoint forum and they ask for a code, do you have a
code number

missladyy01 says:

Are you still referring people? If so I would like to be referred please.

iKeLaAnn says:

Wow thanks for the video. Do they do direct deposit?

ubuibme says:

oh. they’re no longer accepting registrations without a referral.
nevermind. hehe

latrena wright says:

Okay how do I contact her?

Workersonboard says:

You can try Market Force they are legit and I have done shops for them in
the past and gotten paid. A & A Merchandising is another one you can try. I
have more listed on the mystery shopping page of my website at
workersonboard that you can sign up for. I hope this helps you find some in
the meantime.

Workersonboard says:

Hi Missladyy01. Not at this time but there are others that you can sign up
for through my official website. You can sign up for Paid Viewpoint, Focus
Forward, 2020/Research, and many others. If you have a question about a
certain company, let me know and I will try to assist you in any way I can.

Workersonboard says:

Hi Rob, thank you for watching.

Workersonboard says:

Hi. I just contacted Julie Owens from Viewpoint Forum and she is going to
get back in touch with me within 24-48 hours. I will let you know how to
proceed from there. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

missy favors says:

Ok, making sure. I guess every company is different because slice the pie
said otherwise. I do see what you’re saying about the annual income.

SuperAndrews13 says:

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Karma esh says:

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ongkobambang2 says:

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Judy Walters says:

What is you website address?

Tina Garrett says:

I checked out Viewpoint Forum. It said I will need to be referred out.
Could you please refer me out. Thanks.

Workersonboard says:

Hi there, which company are you referring to?

Workersonboard says:

Your welcome.


thanx,,, check from that company didnt not clear, you hAVE ANY OTHER SECRET

Swapon Riyadh, KSA says:

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Cynthia Jacobs says:

Alicia, I see you have many videos. Which one should I start with? BTW, you
look great. The camera did it’s thing!!! Thanks! 🙂

Workersonboard says:

HI Judy, it is called workersonboarddotcom.

Robin Hook says:

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Rob West says:

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milagrostorchia says:

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danilewis82 says:

Hi. Can I get a referral code from you? The website says you can no longer
create an account, but you need a referral code.

marika smith says:

Hey , I work from home I also help others do the same and I wanted to see
if i can market in your new letter and can you talk about it on your
youtube and what all would i have to do and do you have any other idea

latrena wright says:

Hey Alicia I registered with View Point but when it got to phone
verification it loaded another phone number? So what do I do now?

Ram Shrestha says:

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Workersonboard says:

Hi. I found the page where you can sign up for viewpoint forum by going to
Google and typing in viewpoint forum sign up and it will bring up the page
for you to sign up online. If this does not work, please let me know. Thank

danilewis82 says:

Thanks for the reply!

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