A Day in the life of a Nursing Assistant/Healthcare Support Worker

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Nursing Assistants doing what they do day in day out! Thank you to all staff and patients for helping us highlight the varied and valuable work these staff perform every day.


Paul Seymour says:

The video was shot at Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford Kent but obviously
Nursing Assistants are working all over the UK/World!

Paul Seymour says:

Not just a great job but an essential one too! Couldn’t do without them!

Paul Seymour says:

All hospitals that employ such staff will provide training though you’d
obviously need to look out for vacancies and apply for them. I’d suggest
checking out http://www.jobs.nhs.uk

Paul Seymour says:

Hi Maddie and good luck with your chosen career path!

GoldenAfrican says:

is this in U.S or nhs england?

Jeannifer Sanchez says:

Where is this place so I can go and apply I want to work there.

Nicoletheburrito says:

Looks like a great job!

Nikita Martin says:

Loved it!!

Maddie Sutton says:

I’m gonna be in my last week of nursing school to be a CNA starting Monday!

Sapien1 says:

Haha! Awesome upload!

Paul Seymour says:

Glad you enjoyed it. It was fun putting together and a little humbling to
see such dedicated people too of course.

Carly Conway says:

Loved watching this! 

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