A Job to Get Work (BBC Documentary)

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With the government promising a welfare revolution, getting people off benefits and into work, BBC Panorama visits the seaside resort of Rhyl in North Wales. In some parts of the town, nearly half of the adult population are on benefits.

The program follows the real life stories of some of the unemployed there, and asks the government whether this battle can really be won.

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pa lew says:

I’v worked most of my live and i’d personally rather see some poor sod get
my money than see it go government bailouts and corporate tax dodgers witch
cost us 100 billions each year.Wake up people and smell the crap.rich
geting richer and we are suporting.Now that’s the problem 

Lucy InTheSky says:

My god, this program is so patronizing. 

AceGhostification says:

I pray to all jobless people will get a job 

liviu holca says:

One thing I learned making millions of dollars : respect the people on the
dole, one day you may end up there too !!!

William Mackie says:

Getting people off of benefits isn’t the first step.
The first step is to encourage businesses to hire.

It’s all good and wel getting people off of benefits but when are they
going on to?

MC van Veen says:

The whole system is geared towards criminalisation, with “work ethics” and
the “right attitude” in sharp contrast to “parasites” and “lazy couch
It is a kind of emotional blackmail. The unemployed are systematically kept
on the brink of oblivion; the prospect of going into the black hole is the
primary motivational factor to look for one of the few – not even full –
The few jobs are only available for a few, and that makes it condemning to
the rest of them.Job seekers and (coached) employees in essence lose their
rights and only get more obligations, and this can be exploited by
Meanwhile we see the increasing division between the rich and the poor.
Billions are squandered by the EU, by white collar fraud, by the bonus
culture etc.
Usually by the very same people who preach this kind of regime toward the
unemployed – while creating massive unemployment and many extras for
themselves at the same time.

sootherbs says:

while there were low paying jobs before, some years ago, a lot of young
people didn’t want them, they wanted more, nobody can blame them, but those
lower payed jobs they didn’t want had to be done, places had to be filled
and that’s how many immigrants got a chance to work in countries like UK,
nobody can blame them either, there’s probably something more that the
gov’t could do, get more investments into new projects etc but it’s
probably not on the top of the list of their priorities now

yatakrish says:

I have been attending many interviews out of town, because there are no
local jobs. Please can anyone tell me once I get a job, how I can get
financial help to move and start? Are there any charities? As for my bank,
they will not help. I see that my bank will only help you if you have
money, which is a paradox. I really need to know how realistic it is for me
to keep attending interviews out of town.

binwaitin says:

Yeah that’s what the government needs good slaves in good short term slave
jobs so we don’t have to pay them a proper wage . I want my taxes to pay
for bombs and luxury stuff for our MPs . So let’s get the slaves working
Every day no breaks 

RIP RobertDziekanski says:

kill the unemployed

mksrookies says:

What government should do is for 3 months don;t send any money out to
those receiving benefits and see what happens.

Lyndon Egan says:

theyre just so out of touch. the people who choose to scrounge are not the
issue. our leaders have failed us ‘the poor’ on massive scales. they’ve had
800 years to give us the basics, a reasonable education, affordable housing
and a job which affords you a happy life. and healthcare just incase. we
had this 40 years ago then they secretly sold us out to the corporations by
deregulating the finance industry. fk our leaders viva la

liviu holca says:

The welfare system is not because the government feels sorry for the poor.
No way !!!

Jaco de Beer says:

This is pathetic. Someone else has to do a job they don’t like and pay
taxes to support this guy just because he cannot find a job he likes. I
have never had a job I like but it has given me a lot of experience and is
paying for my tuition fees. This is life. I will have a degree soon and
this bastard will still be begging and complaining

Fred Merrington says:

You can prey all you want you religious bigoted idiot, want to work yes for
next to nothing NO! I was on higher wage 14 years ago than now and my bills
especially rent, to a housing association (meant to be social affordable
housing) as more than doubled, that makes a mockery of what the government
say the inflation rate, I would say my rent has gone up 8-10 % annually,
how long could I survive with a 1% wage rise, while we see the richer
keeping all the wealth and more, if you want to have a working society it
must first be a fare society, this country is certainly not fare to the
poor, you are asking a number of society to take an active part in a
society they are financially barred from!! 

yatakrish says:

On the contrary, it seems there are jobs out there but that is not actually
so. I have an MSc in mathematical methods, and a PhD in petroleum
Engineering. I also have privately contributed to the science/engineering
communities by inventing new solutions and methods all alone, all published
in journals. I am such a hard worker but the only jobs I have had, in
London, are temporary data analysis. I apply to about 20 jobs per day. And
time is running out because I am getting to 45 yrs old with no permanent
foothold in a company. I finally got a job in Scotland, permanent, good pay
£50 K. Gave up the flat I was renting in London and moved to Aberdeen.
Started the job but looking for a flat while paying for B&B’s. This
affected my performance and the company dies not allow me to go view flats
during work. After one week they sacked me for incompetence without
warning. However, I have just completed the task they had based their
assessment on, and have emailed it to them anyway. I am a hard worker, no
alcohol, no cigarettes, only healthy food. If you have any advice on this
kind of dismissal, where I have spent all and become homeless just to get a
job, please advise. And I hate going to the job center because they would
associate me with drug addicts, especially my black race plays against my
image in such issues.

randy109 says:

In the USA unemployment is higher than the “official” numbers show. Since
the Minimum Wage is SO Low there are many people that won’t waste their
time getting a job that pays less than 150% of the Minimum Wage. These
people officially are not in the Workforce because they gave up actively
seeking a job.

If the Minimum Wage were to be raised there are many quality people that
would enter the Workforce, thus showing an Increase in Unemployment. That
Increase in Unemployment would be artificial though because it would only
reflect the increased number of people WILLING to Work. Saying that
Raising the Minimum Wage will increase unemployment is a self-fulfilling
prophecy that the wealthy use to keep their foot on the necks of the common
man. I know that Austrian Theory shows how Minimum Wage affects
unemployment, but there is more to it than that. Why bother working for $8
an hour if Rent is over $1,000 a month for a one-bedroom, 40 year old
Apartment? Higher Minimum Wage to a Living Wage will lift economy,
contrary to Conservative Economic Theory. Cause and effect are skewed…

TheCzechthomas says:

This is ridiculous – I went to UK and pick apples in Kent. For every hour
of working – I make between 12-16 pound per hour. Work hard whole summer
and save almost 3k. People in UK dont have jobs, becose they are fucking
lazy and dont want work. Thats the main reason why people like me – from
czech, poland, france, ireland, comming to to UK and bring money home….

ahiddenego says:

I have a question and i hope it’s rationality on’t be too provocative!
Where does the general perception of an economic recession and it’s it’s
most characteristic and undesirable manifestation (insufficiency of
employment ) come from? HINT could it be the dissapointing experience
people without jobs have in their best endeavours to find one have..?Second
question…don’ people unable to find a livelihood need money to live on?
please don’t answer second question if it is too imaginative..! Does’nt
that make the expression ” on benefits ” sound rather dumb during a

RSUN2012 says:

These paid trainee programs are great in my opinion as the money will be
spent to house, and feed the people on the dole anyway. And clearly the
exact opposite will be the outcome when one collects something for nothing,
and that is laziness for the majority.

Daniel Woodhouse says:

2:11 “never had a day off work”?


muckyfrigger says:

What a load of bullshit. The queues spilling out across the street at the
side of the jobcenter contradict this fluffy propaganda.
“Look at all these white British people getting jobs and are all happy and
smiley!” yeah now if only this weren’t bollocks.

Tar Man says:

Cut the benefits, that’s the only way you’ll get them back to work.

suilven mountain says:

4:00 Make her work. Or take her benefit away. she is not sick she is a drug


There is ALWAYS jobs out there. People who say there is FUCK all i just
want to bitch slap so fucking hard. In the town i live there is shops
asking for staff part time/full there is always sign’s in the window. A
boat yard (HARD GRAFF) doing 3 year apprenticeships, I think its down to
the parents to make them fucking work as a young age. If the parents sit on
their arse all day watching shite on T.V smoking weed then the kids will.
Im 22 and have worked constantly since i got my first job as a paper run
when i was 12. People who sign on for like 3-4 years should just get kicked
off no chance you can be that fucking spasticed you cant find work in that
time. Its just getting blown way outta proportion nowadays cause there is
that many UK people singing on plus immigrants as well. 

MrWindmills says:

its pretty obvious a place like Ryll which USED to be a thriving holiday
destination with plenty of tourism jobs , will now have lots of unemployed
people, so saying “oh get a job theres plenty out there” is dumb. Its all
propaganda, turning the poor against the poor, open your eyes. 

Spasoje Kulasevic says:


Andrius Vabalas says:

I am a socialist and I support this so conservative sounding initiative to
get people off benefits just because I am a socialist. The reasons are:
having a job is good for physical and mental health, it reduces substance
use, gives extra income, not always, but in case of responsible employers,
work increases sklills and educational level. However, I could see some
downsides of having a job, if it interferes with persons education,
self-help and fulfilnment, raising children, doing usefull volunteering or
educating others (by other means than an official job). 

marshancars says:

Buying bear its free all through the year have fun in the sun benefits
britian your number one.

SuplexCityBitch says:

Prime example of what I hate about those stupid work schemes: “Put your
hand up”. I am not going to co-operate with anyone who treats me like a kid
in a supposedly “adult” environment.

Lacy McDuffie says:

stupid conservatives, yeah, sure….Hey Mississippi why don’t you just find
that job around the corner, Mississippi thriving with opportunity (sarcasm)
If there standing there starving gee it must be there fault and they should
die: I call it, economic world view ignorance and lack of reading and
research that’s the problem with these “we live in paradise people” they
love their little niches but they don’t want to learn about the
interconnectedness of the world, conservatives are people who are extremely
myopic in their mentality, it’s not very intelligent but it is extremely
practically focused and democrats or labor (as in Europe) are practical
people who love to work too but their mentality is more comprehensive and
more intelligent overall.

Brian Greaves says:

wot makes me mad is the govermants keep giveing them selfs big pay rises
and get all that money a year do thay dezieve it no the rich just keep
getting megger rich and we get poorer and poorer i would not pay them in
buttons its all wonge who are thay to say who gets payed more money then
you and me 

spencer hardy says:

Plenty of jobs at the BBC! Send them your CV every day until they give you

Candy Ike says:

how much did the royal wedding cost.?

84sblack says:

Address the drug problems.

Brian Greaves says:

theses days most people are better of not working the working if thay got
decent pay thay would go to work therers so meny bills theses days to pay
years a go it was called rates now you got water rates and council tax
thats 2 bills instend of one like it used to be lecky is so dear gas is so
dear food is so dear we where better of in the 50 and 60 we all had jobs
pleny of money things have just got worst all the time not better i all
ways thorwt more money up put in the better thing get but it as not its
like council tax we all paying 4 times as must now then wen it was call the
rates so why have things not got better theres a lot of this council tax
money going where it should not be going if you get my meneing no wonder
the councils have big posh homes and the goverments dont trust them an inch
or the coppers 

Grimpus1 says:

“Ive been in the work force for 40 years, ive never had a day off work” …
You fool, you wasted your life…

Gary Chapman says:

Cutting benefits doesn’t do shit… not without job creation. Corporations
are loving the current labour surplus because it keeps your wages low.
And, as families struggle with even two earners the hatred mounts. Your
government also loves this as it distracts from the lies, scams, bailouts
and mismanagement.

Watching the BBC these days is only marginally less polarising than reading
the daily mail. 90% of the BBC’s output is deliberate hatemongering
propaganda. Meanwhile in spain, Italy, France and here in the UK –
desperate people on benefits have actually doused themselves in petrol and
ignited themselves. (No, not to avoid getting work surprisingly – but
because they already feel like failures)

But feel free to dance the the governments new jig and start hating on them.

Just be careful what you wish for – If all those on benefits entered the
job market in earnest the labour surplus would go from 5:1 to 10:1 and
wages will be depressed even further.

The ONLY solution is job creation – and on that the government is rather

WakeUpandSavetheChildren says:

The BBC gave Jimmy savile a job so they are not in a position to place
judgement on anyone.

Lacy McDuffie says:

maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned Mississippi considering that this is a
European video. I was talking about the state of Mississippi in the United

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