Apple’s employee recruiting video

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Apple’s corporate recruiting video


Prince Westerburg says:

They say they work out of the box however I didn’t see one Dell laptop
there and thats surprising considering you see Micro$oft’s Steve Ballmer at
2:33! :o)

madant1977 says:

I couldn’t watch any of this BS for more than a minute.

Seymour Butts says:

funny how the video starts with a black guy.

Edwin Ferdian says:



Is this recruiting video of one of the most sexy brands on this planet
really sexy?

Melyssa Moore says:

Apple’s employee recruiting video:

Swapnil Ramteke says:

I stay at Mumbai (India) and I have purchased an i pjone 5s from USA, I
have many problems with this phone. Multiple call drops! Affecting my
business relations! Can Apple help me in upgrading this product? It was
bought in Nov 2014.

"Z"Airborne says:

They would love me with my Asus notebook :)

cool cat says:

Their marketing and propaganda department must be huuuge

Jack Frost says:

Oh shut up
Android/google phones and tablets are better

darkstars101 says:

I don’t work there, but I use their products, and follow them closely. They
truly are an amazing company. I’ve used every other product I could get my
hands on in order to unbiasedly find the best company and product. I can
safely say they produce the greatest products on the market by far.
I will always be loyal to where the technology is at, and Apple has my
loyalty all the way. 

Ananias Kantene says:
Samuel Mendez says:

IPhone = Eye Phone = Illuminati Phone. And even ”Siri” spelled backwards
is ”Iris” which means Eye. They’re Watching You.

Netjez says:

Would be the next big thing for me to work at Apple :-)

Leon Kepp says:

Your comment is brilliant! Statement made from a completly neutral
position. I cant remember if Ive ever seen such a reasonable comment,
founded with arguments this strong!

How to secure an iPad says:

Apple lol

Connor Norng says:

I wanna work at Apple so I can negotiate some freebies. ;)

Indika Kulatunga says:

Dream of my life. 

Dhalsim Jones says:

The only thing I will give Apple is their user interface, the rest is
nothing innovative.

Kalki Vicky says:

How will i get job in Apple been submitting my CV in Apple’s job portal
please help me out i’m from India. 


Ha Ha you are funny, have you seen HTC phones you goof APPLE!!

Johnny says:

I might sound like a child dickriding apple or some ish but I really hope
one day I’ll get to work there. I’m truly in love with this company lol I
mean I love their works everything so clean and professional and modern.

Lol I’m drunk I probably should go home. :)

Mustang Rt says:

@4:10 Satana’s words,
btw iPhones are getting more and more defectious, one of my friends has
broken battery-level circuit, another’s lcd is popped of black liquid,
another’s one have a short-life battery, so you can call this american
quality? go somewhere else like Taiwan.

FilCanJay says:

i love my mac..

Kamdibe ToChukwu says:

Startups’s really suck exspecialy when your a young nation
whom that borrows and spends and tax’s are out of control.

Manoj Kumar says:

my dream company

theEpic bob says:

Shut up everyone, Apple is best

Aaron Maruri says:

Selling a phone for 600 dollars is not very cool Apple and that does not do

H says:

My colleague was fired from Apple just because of a minor mistake in an
e-mail to a normal customer.

The mistake was so minor that none of us in the team would have even given
it a second thought.

This colleague is one of the better performers in the team, excellent
customer service and even won awards. he is of a good-nature too.

Because of this email issue, they brought it up to the senior manager, and
they questioned and interrogated him over and over. giving him undue stress.

they even questioned him during his leave days, causing him severe stress.

He almost went crazy during the 2 weeks of intense questioning.

He was still able to work, but they fired him the next day. asking him to
leave and not allowing him to pack his things at all.

they said they will ship the things to him. which means they want him to
leave immediately.

Apple preaches UNFAIR business conduct. UNFAIR business practice. may you

Kamdibe ToChukwu says:

Rewrite The US Tax Code for American Business.
Induce American Tech Companies. 

Tay Dinghan says:

Imagine someone using Samsung phones in Apple and got caught and got fired
no matter how good they are in the field or job. Or one of the condition of
joining Apple was to only own Apple phones or tablets or laptops or
computers. Lol.

Akram Dweikat says:
gangster1980s says:

The Chinese who works all day all night would beg to differ about
meaningful opportunity with Apple.

DrJonezzz says:

Saw this video on an english exam yesterday, went to sleep, and awoke
realizing that the girl and the black man in the video are not engineers
but probably actors or figureheads. And I don’t say this because they
happen to be a girl and a black man, but probably that’s the reason these
two people got in the video in the first place.

Altaf Patel says:

Since Steve Jobs passed away, these Apple guys started to come in front of
camera and praise themselves to the world !!!

Byron Harper says:

2:45 best part 

Mr. Captain Goat says:

what a waste of my time…

Debojit Mandal says:

Bull shit .Apple greatest quality is this a kind of joke .They make 3rd
class os which r not as featurestic as an google os.

Acerbus Lumenis says:

…hmm…zombies…more and more zombies…

rosewell1983 says:

And if you criticize someone you will get fired, work for minimun wage in a
Apple Store and if your battery suck big time (cant hold a charge) then you
are kinda forced to buy a new phone cause a new phone is “just” 20bucks
more expensive than a single battery. Their products is great but is not
user friendly. Makeing it almost impossible to take out the battery from
your iPhone. Using screws in one version and in the next they use glue.

Kamdibe ToChukwu says:


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