Beginners Guide to Acrylic Nails. Tutorial Videos by Naio Nails

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Welcome to the first in our series of acrylic nail demonstration and tutorial videos. We share beginners tips to get you started with your acrylic nail designs. We’d love to see how you’re getting on so share your creations with us as video responses.

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naiouk says:

People are still asking where to buy our products, all of the products seen
in the tutorial are available on our online store :)

Shannon Young says:

This was so relaxing to watch oh my god

isabella morgan says:

Do you have to use a light to cure gel top coat .. because I don’t have one
and were I live they’re really pricey 

katchkarmin says:

I want her to do my nails! -_- not the mean people at the nail shop =(

Josh Hughes says:

do you sell the well less tips at a reasonable price? x

Jenese Malcolm says:

Hi Jenese here,I am so in love with your video l also do nails just
starting I want to get bigger an better every time I do a nails your video
help me a lot 

Toralei Gaming says:

i’m new to this how long do these stay on for?

Ed Pinky says:

Can you please tell me which brand of brush you use to do the flowers or
designs on nails (double tip ; angled & detail) where can I buy them?
Please reply

Kimberley Rice says:

Hello I was just wondering what brush you used in the video please btw love
your work its fantastic x 

Becki Smith says:

How do u avoid acrylic getting stuck in your brush ? This always happens to
me no matter how hard I try I don’t no wat I’m doing wrong plz help anyone

aaalayna says:

awesome! i’m an apprentice and i’m basically learning from my textbook and
youtube, so this is SO HELPFUL! excellent tutorial. I want to watch them

Elizabeth Forbes Kerr says:

You make this look easy. I really enjoy your tutorials you explain
everything very clearly.

UnitySkies says:

Where can you purchase the curved nail file? I’m looking for it everywhere
but I never see it. 

talentedkendal9 says:

do ur nails need to be long to get acrylics?

Just Ariel says:

Also what is a good way to clean brush to prevent acrylic sticking and
messing up your brush?

soexcessive84 says:

100/180 or just straight 180 grit nail file? Or is that basically the same

Ashleigh Lyte says:

Patience is a virtue. Love how calmly you do the nails . Very talented

Anna Guggemos says:

Very helpful for a beginner like me. I just received a new acrylic nail kit
in the mail and this video helped me more effectively than every other
video I’ve seen on this topic. Thank You!

SaveThePrincess says:

This was so informative and extremely helpful,, i’m going to be referring
to this video the entire time while doing my nails!

C Moynihan says:

I’ve been a teacher for 20 years…You are an amazing teacher! Thank you
for sharing your knowledge.

lilmama says:

Will be making a purchase , will be watching your vid while doing them,
your an angel with so much heavenly talent.

ravinder pandher says:

can you show how can remove nails after 4 weeks 

Lucy Leyshon says:

Great video very inspired! 

Cray Gray says:

Dong you use paint?

haunthunterify says:

Great video! Nice job explaining every step. 

Tonya Broyles says:

Hi i love your work i really miss you..i pray all is well can’t wait for
new videos

David Campbell says:

Hi, can men have any type of natural looking acrylic nails. My nails
aren’t,t mega bitten or anything…..but they are soft and split….I have
often considered acrylics…but I don.t want girly looking French manicure
looking nails…any advice? People see my hands a lot in meetings..

Karen-Louise Tonks says:

why you have won so many prizes.
By far the best tutorial i have ever watched.Thankyou. Karen-Louise, Black
Diamond Creations xxxx

mizzmini45 says:

Does anyone know what nail glue they use at the salon?

Chelsey Egglesden says:

Can you use any kind of primer 

nene love says:

I love your videos I learn so much from u 

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