Interpreter Jobs in West Midlands and UK Wide

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Interpreter Jobs in West Midlands and UK Wide

As one of the leading language and culture related services provider, Absolute Interpreting and Translations is proud to cooperate only with professional and highly qualified interpreters. If you are looking for Interpreters Jobs in West Midlands and UK Wide then you may apply now. Within the course of conducting our successful business activity we have developed an impressive database of reliable and experienced interpreters in more than 265 languages.

However at Absolute we always aim at both improving the quality of services provided and expanding the scope of available languages. Therefore we constantly advertise Interpreters Jobs in West Midlands and UK wide and seek new interpreters, foreign languages and cultures enthusiasts who are determined to help people crossing communication barrier.

Are you interested in joining our interpreting team but are not sure what does the recruitment procedure look like? No worries. This video will guide you step by step through the whole process and you will see for yourself how easy that is. Meet Fathuma, our interpreter, who will be your guide.

– Hi, my name is Fathuma. I am an interpreter with Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd. I was born in the UK but my family comes from India.

They moved to the United Kingdom before I was born. I am a native speaker of English but at home my parents and my grandmother would always talk to me in their native tongues. Thanks to that I speak fluently not only English but also Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi. I have always been interested in languages so becoming a qualified interpreter was a natural choice for me.

So how did I start working as an interpreter through Absolute Interpreting and Translations? It was very easy. First, I applied online and searched Interpreters Jobs in West Midlands and UK Wide via the Absolute Interpreting website at I was then contacted by the Absolute team on the phone.

– Hello Fathuma. It’s Cordelia from Absolute Interpreting and Translations. You have applied to work as an interpreter with us. I read your CV and you have excellent qualifications. Can you provide us with all the required documents and ID’s that were listed in our e-mail?

– Yes, I can.

– That’s great. When can you come to attend an interview and assessment?

I passed my assessment and was invited for a free training at Absolute, where everything I needed to know was explained to me and all my questions were answered.

Are you worried you won’t be able to come to the assessment and training in person to Absolute’s office? No worries. You can also attend a remote assessment on Skype.

I have been working through Absolute for 3 years now and it has always been both a satisfying and challenging experience. I have interpreted for medical appointments, business meetings, police interrogations, court hearings and many more.

We are currently recruiting new interpreters all across the United Kingdom. Interested to work as an interpreter with us? Apply online now at or click the link on the screen. Work for us at Absolute Interpreting and Translations.

We are crossing the language barrier.

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Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd says:

Interpreter Jobs in the West Midlands and UK Wide. To find out how to join
us please watch this 2 minutes of video introduction or visit our website

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